Moved date back 1 week/new resources


Since my Qbank scores were going down and my anxiety going up, I moved my test date back by 1 week.

I bought PDA by LaCharity as I was getting a lot of those wrong.

I'm going to master Kaplan's Decision Tree and integrate into my question taking. I was doing it in the Live Classroom but never really used it on my own and even if it's just a psychological thing, that's fine with me!

I'm a visual learner and discovered a lot of good content resources on pintrest that helped a lot!

I feel better and hopefully can concentrate and retain more and my anxiety will decrease significantly.

LaCharity is a really good resource. I purchased it in the beginning of this summer, and at first I was getting a lotttt wrong. But now, I am doing much better with it. It is super helpful with teaching you what to delegate to the UAPs, LPNs, floating RNs, etc. It really helped clear those delegations up for me! I hope you find it as helpful as I did! :)