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Mount Sinai: Advice for In-Person Interview?

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I hope everyone's job search is going well.

I recently was able to land an in-person interview with Mount Sinai by reaching out to one of the hospital's employees. The employee reached out to the unit's Nurse manager who asked that HR contact me.

If anyone's gone through the Mount Sinai interview process: would you mind describing it a little more? What should I expect from the initial interview? I'm expecting questions like Why Mount Sinai? Why Nursing? Future Goals? Strengths/Weaknesses? Why you? When did you go above and beyond for a patient? Can you describe a time when you showed teamwork? How do you work under pressure? What are your salary requirements? 

Aside from these questions, are there any other questions that I should expect? I'm not expecting behavioral questions just yet - I feel that those are mainly saved for the Nurse managers.

If you have any further advice, please don't hesitate to share! We're all in this together. Thank you!

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