Mount Royal University, U of C or U of A

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Hi guys!

Its my dream to become a neonatal nurse practictioner. But first, a neonatal nurse. I am graduating high school and trying to decide between three schools. Mount royal university, University of Calgary, and University of Alberta. (I've been accepted to all programs) Which university has the best program? And which would give me the best chance of getting a job in a NICU after graduating, and allow me to take a masters in nursing in my future!!




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Hi Onesparrowtwo,

Congrats on getting accepted to all those nursing programs. I think its very difficult to say which one is the best, because you only attend one program and really can only provide accurate information for that one. Also the programs, instructors ect change over the years. I personally went to the U of A and thought it was very good. Having graduated 6 years ago things could have changed. I would suggest that you look into the set up of the programs closely. How much time do you spend in clinicals, practice labs ect. Try and talk to the student advisers, or better yet students that are currently in the program. You can contact the nursing students clubs to get hold of students that are willing to share their experiences.

In terms of becoming a NICU nurse, the school you graduate from has almost no impact. Unit managers are going to look at your clinical experiences, especially your final placement, your involvement in student life ect. Put your focus now on becoming a nurse, who knows you might find another area you never knew you would like, or you might confirm that being a NICU nurse is really right for you. Either way you have 4 years to get through before looking for a job. Best of luck to you!



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I'm a graduate of the U of C and currently working in NICU. The U of C's program has changed significantly since I graduated so I can't say for sure what it is like anymore. I have heard that Mount Royal offers some specific classes in neonatal nursing. I believe you can take them as options during your undergrad.