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Mount Carmel SDAP

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I am getting ready to apply to Mount Carmel's second degree program and I am getting very nervous about the process. I have very average grades (mostly A's and B's and one C) and 3.3 GPA. I have a few pre-reqs left to take as well.

Has anyone recently gone through the SDAP program admissions process and gotten in/waitlisted/declined? Any words of advice?

Hi sjg123,

I am a current student in the SDAP cohort that graduates in February 2019. I can only speak for myself and a few of my friends, but it seems to me that your grades will be good enough. I graduated with a 3.4 GPA from my previous degree and got in immediately and have several friends who were waitlisted and subsequently accepted with GPAs lower than yours. I also wouldn't worry if you were to get waitlisted because Mount Carmel accepts ~25 people down the waitlist. If you do get in, I would HIGHLY recommend taking pharmacology somewhere that is accepted by MCCN. I was given that advice by someone who graduated before me and I definitely wished I had followed it! Good luck!

Hi LasixChaser!

by any chance, did you have to do an interview prior to getting accepted? What are some of the question they asked if you did?

Also, any tips or tricks for succeeding in a program like this?

Thanks for the help.


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