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Motivational for nurses

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hi allnurses,

can you help me in answering this scenario?

A staff nurse has repeatedly been coming late and yet she is good with her patients once she starts her duty on the floor. Explain using examples how you will deal with this situation to motivate her so that she can improve on this negative behaviour in the future.


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hi allnurses,

can you help me in answering this scenario?

Sure, we can help you answer the question.

1 Throw her a party if she comes to work on time three shifts in a row.

2 Mandate her co-workers to congratulate her for coming to work on time.

3 Send a limo to pick her up from her house.

That should motivate her.

Sorry, we don't do student's homework for them.

Here.I.Stand, BSN, RN

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I won't do your homework for you, but will give a brief thought -- insufficient as a complete answer, so you can't simply cut and paste.

Rewards and consequences can both motivate a person. We're talking about a grown adult here.


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