Mother & Daughter Working in Same Unit


What's your opinion on a mother and daughter, both RNs, working in the same unit (procedural area)?

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I don't have anything to say about it except if one is supervising the other or thework flow is effected.


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It is legal in most states for family to work on the same floor unless one of them is a supervisor over the other one. Ethical, I am not sure?

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It depends on the circumstances I guess. It is not allowed at all if one of them is in a supervisory position to the other but if they are on equal footing that isn't an issue.  Is is a large unit with a lot of staff? Then maybe OK, but a small tight knit group of co-workers, probably not.  If they work different shifts then definitely OK but if they work together and have pretty much identical schedules then maybe not OK. 

Depends on the individuals involved.  In the SNF I worked for we had a couple of mother/daughter's that worked together and one husband/wife. The mother/daughter pairs were CNA's  and there were never any issues, the employees involved were all great. The one husband/wife pair was a little more complicated because she was an RN and he was a CNA, they were both already employed there before they got married. They were allowed to both keep their jobs but it was required that they never worked the same unit together as she would have been in that supervisory position to him. The scheduler worked around that requirement and they both stayed employed there quite awhile until they moved out of the area.


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My wife worked with her mother in the NICU and supervised her sister in law in a critical care unit. It depends upon the people and the organization.