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Mother Baby Unit

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Hello, I have am a CNA && Nursing Student. 

My questions is regarding the Mother and Baby Unit and some tips for working in this unit as a CNA: What are all/some of the CNA duties? How do these CNA's differ from other CNA's working with only adults/geriatrics.

My CNA background: Psychiatric Hospital (Chemical D/Mental Illness), LTAC (Med/Surg, Tele, ICU), && Gastro/Urinary (Tele).

I have no experience working with babies or New Mothers, but my goal for my future nursing career will be working as a Midwife. That being said working in this type of unit should and hopefully will help build a foundation for my skills.

I have an interview coming up and would like some advice from nurses and/or other CNA's that do or have worked in this type of unit. What skills will I lack moving into a Mother and Baby unit and how can I prepare myself for this interview. 

The position is per diem (6 shifts per month) NOC 12 hour shift.

Thank you.

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shauntil07 works as a PCT.

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Hello @angelicasmth! I've been a PCT for a few years and like yourself, I have experience working on other floors-Rehab, Brain Injury and Stroke, Oncology, Heart/Lung Tx and now I currently work on a mother/baby unit. The good thing is, with you already having experience on these other floors, you're probably overqualified for the mother baby unit because much of the skills you use on the other floors, you won't use on mother/baby floors. However, I tend to get floated out to the rest of the hospital when the census drops on my floor so I kind of refresh some of the skills I may not use while I'm on my floor. 

I'm assuming you have already done your interview but I don't know if you got the job. With that being said, working on a mother baby unit has been a relief for me because I am in school and it does give you allow for some down time. I have always wanted to be on a PP unit and now that I'm there, I am hoping once I do finish nursing school, I will be able to stay there. 

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