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Mother/Baby or Maternity


Hi all, I'd appreciate some guidance here. I am a US born, US educated BSN with 9 years experience at this point. I do mother/baby or postpartum and nursery nursing. I am wondering if that translates in Australia, probably NSW somewhere. I know in the UK, they depend mostly on midwives for this kind of work in the hospital. I am not interested in any other kind of work but I would be amenable to clinic work or even home care. Is this possible there? I am beginning an MSN program in January and in 2 years will be a women's health NP. Does this translate there?

I am at the beginning of my research at this point in time and am just putting some feelers out to see how employable I would be.

Thanks in advance



In Australia this work is done mainly by midwives

If a hospital is short staffed, and some private hospitals use nurses for post natal care, but Australia doesn't really have labour and delivery nurses like the US does.

You could work in nursery, and you may also be eligible to work as a child health nurse/ home visiting etc as this is typically not done by a midwife post 10-14 days