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Mosby's 2015 vs Davis's 2014 drug book

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Mosby's 2015 or Davis's 2014?

  1. 1. Mosby's 2015 or Davis's 2014?

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      Mosby's 2015
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      Davis's 2014

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Hi Everyone!

I need to purchase a drug guide and I'm conflicted between the two. Mosby's is a 2015 edition while Davis is 2014. Any recommendations on which is the better buy?

I have micromedex and epocrates on my phone and use those regularly, however I need to purchase a book for those occasions where I may not be able to have my phone on me.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!:cat:

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My nursing professor and director of our school said that Mosby's is missing a lot of needed info and not to get it.

Just my opinion, but I had both books and the Davis Drug Guide was far more comprehensive than Mosby. Mosby was missing a lot of drugs and it didn't give me the info I needed such as nursing implications and herbal medications.