Morphine nurse had 'instructions'

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Morphine nurse had 'instructions'

A nurse who injected a terminally ill teenager with morphine twice in five minutes has insisted she was acting on instructions and in his best interests.

The 16-year-old boy, who was suffering from cancer, died a couple of hours after Elaine Chase gave him the pain-killing drug.

On Friday the 51-year-old from Benfleet, Essex, insisted the boy's comfort was her priority.

She denied four misconduct charges at the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Following instructions

The boy died in 1998 after Ms Chase had visited his house after receiving a telephone call from the boy's father who said his son was deeply distressed.

She gave him his intravenous dose of morphine at 1330 BST - earlier than usual. It was one of the three doses he had each day at eight hour intervals.

Ms Chase told the tribunal the drugs seemed to have little effect and after contacting the boy's GP, Dr Jenny Thorpe, for instructions, another dose was administered about five minutes later.

"I was following instructions by the GP for the second dose of morphine and that was given verbally over the phone," she said.

Death was unconnected

"If she was happy for that to happen, I did not see why I should not give the second dose."

Colleagues of the nurse have also told the tribunal they rejected suggestions her actions were connected to the boy's death.

The charges against Ms Chase include failing to act in a collaborative manner with colleagues as well as injecting the boy twice within minutes.

The charges levelled at the nurse all relate to her time at the South Essex Mental Health and Community Care Services NHS Trust in Southend.

The hearing was adjourned until Tuesday.

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Seems like even if she went straight to the phone that she should have noticed SOME effect by the time she got back. Morphine doesn't take that much time to work. Plus, she got a doc's order, one has to assume that she provided hime with an appropriate assessment in order to get that. And the child died two hours about your delayed effect!

Tha article doesn't back up any of the accusations in my opinion.

ktwlpn, LPN, RN

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I don't understand this-who exactly brought the charges against her?

I don't understand this-who exactly brought the charges against her?

I was wondering that too.

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