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Montefiore School of Nursing - Spring 2017 Nursing Students

Hello All,

Just want to start a blog for all students that will be attending MSON starting January 2017 so that we can share some tips and advice. I picked up my acceptance package on Monday and it has a lot of information. The list of books is one page long, yikes! I ordered some of them, I found some good deals on Amazon and they do give you some discount codes.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.


I will also be attending Jan 2017. Yes the booklist is SOOO expensive, I put them on my Christmas list LOL. I am very excited to start.

I am excited as well!! Did you start your readings? I started the fundamentals, and will do the calculations activity when I get the book.

No not yet. Im going to order the books. I borrowed the calculate with confidence from a friend so i can start that this weekend.

cool, I just got my calculate book today.. :roflmao:


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