Montefiore school of Nursing Reviews

by Ziggygirl Ziggygirl (New) New

Hi. I was wondering what are the opinions of current students enrolled in this program. How are students doing and opinions of the instructors as well as how the overall program is doing as they are relatively new. The Hopfer School seemed to have a high success rate but I cannot find out anything yet since it was taken over. Are the instructors the same? The Dean? Interested in hearing about reviews/issues from current students. i was told that they are not set up to receive FAFSA and are offering their own financial aid which makes me wonder if there are any issues. The second year of students are already in nursing 2 so there should be students out there that can provide input on how the new program is doing. Also how many students passed the NCLEX last year which I believe is there first year of students. Thanks