What can you tell me about Butte/St. James?

  1. Hey there,
    my family and I will be moving from Alaska to Butte next month and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about their experiences at St. James Hospital and/or living in Butte. I am originally from northern MN and lived in Bozeman for 6 years so I am familiar with cold heard the hospital is paying off a lawsuit for giving MDs kickbacks... Hmmmm.
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  3. by   Stacy67CP
    I worked there for 2 years around 2000. I loved it, the hospital that is.
    Don't drink the tap water, get bottled and you will be fine. I hated the bitter cold, but that won't be a problem for you
    The people at the hospital were some of the most wonderful people to work with ever. Everyone is a little "off", but is the best way. There are always a couple of PIA's, but they are everywhere.

    Butte has such a rich history, and beautiful buildings take time to really get to know the area... you will learn to love it like a Foley cath after surgery
  4. by   Stacy67CP
    Oh don't worry about the hospital paying off a lawsuit, they all do it it's just part of the game.

    Oh and They now have the helicopter there