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  1. Has anyone had to submit a study plan, and if so what did it consist of? I am nervous, that if they don't approve my plan I have to wait until after March to re-take the NCLEX. Then again I don't see how they can NOT approve a study plan. Anyways I have to fax tomorrow AM for the board to meet and approve it, any suggestions would be nice. I did meet with my advisor and we put it together, but I would like any further suggestions. Thanks
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  3. by   funinsun
    Hi Silverdaisyd,

    Just hopeing that everything went well with your plan.. It sounded like you did the best that you could and met with your advisor which is great.. All the best..
  4. by   Silverdaisyd
    Yeah I submitted it, however found out that the Board doesn't meet until the end of this month......I just hope it gets approved I am already studying for hopes I can test the end of February
  5. by   Silverdaisyd
    I just found out today....It was Approved!!!