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  1. Hi! I'll be moving to Great Falls in the next couple months, my husband is active duty and we just got orders there. We are very excited but I am a little nervous about finding a job out there, does anyone have any experience or any advice on nursing out in MT? Thank you!
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  3. by   Red Kryptonite
    When I lived there about 12 years ago, there was only one hospital in town. I believe it was called Benefis. That was way before I had any involvement in nursing, though.

    My husband was at Malmstrom too. It's not a bad little place.
  4. by   lindsayonthego
    Don't know about the job availability, but it is the medical hub for Central Montana. I grew up in Great Falls. There is a big hospital as well as a pretty big clinic system.

    A non-nursing piece of advice: If you're not already in a place that experiences winter, make sure you learn about oil pan heaters and "plugging in" your car.