Monitoring post IV ABT


I was trained that with MCA's who are only being skilled d/t daily IV ABT, that the last day of the IV ABT is the LCD.  Someone told me today, that we can still skill for 2-4 days after the daily IV for S/S monitoring.  I don't like the idea because I could potential extend every MCA for a few days d/t some type of 'monitoring'.  In this particular case (post IV ABT), do you know if will result in, or be considered as, an overpayment situation?


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I don't see anything that requires crucial observation post AB RX other than a standard  nursing practice. Significant adverse drug reactions of IV med could have taken effect immediately while still on treatment. 

You may want to review the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, pp 27-30, on what constitutes Skilled Observation and Management of Care Plan.

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Thank You.