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Mom wants to work in Labor & Delivery


Today I was asking my mom what specialty she wants to do in nursing, and she said she wants to do labor and delivery. But when she is an LVN, can LVN's work in the labor and delivery department in hospitals in Southern California? Does she have to be an RN to do labor and delivery? Any information would be greatly appreciated. :D

PostOpPrincess, BSN, RN

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In my hospital in South Florida, we only hire RNs for ALL nursing positions. They phased out LPNS about 3 years ago.

diane227, LPN, RN

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I have been a nurse for 31 years and you could not pay me triple what I make now to work in L and D. Good luck to your mom if that is what she wants to do. It takes someone very special to do that job.


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We have some LVNs who act essentially as techs in the county L&D that I work at. However, a couple of years ago they were all told that they had to go back to get their RN or they would have to find another job. Most of them are graduating this summer.

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