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Molloy Fall 2017 Applications?

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Hi. I applied for molloy college Fall 2017. I'm a transfer student with most of my prereqs completed. Is 3.3 gpa okay? Also do they look down upon people with multiple C+ pre reqs grades?

I am very nervous and this is my top priority school. When do they usually send letters of acceptance, I submitted the application at end of December but still have HS and college transcripts going through.

Also how are you guys paying for molloy being from a low income family who receives full fafsa & tap. Does molloy give transfer students good scholarships? Or anyone doing loans, if so which ones and how is it going? I hear if you have a 3.0 gpa or higher molloy does give scholarships and with financial aid, tuition isn't that bad. Is that true?

Good luck to everyone else applying!

Update- I was actually accepted.

But am still very confused about the financial aspect of it.

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Hi there! I just submitted my application there for this fall. Hopefully I get accepted as well! :)