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Hello. I was thinking about buying a PDA for nursing school but I can't decide if it will be useful or not. I also don't much about them. I need to know which brand would be the best one to purchase.... Read More

  1. by   Aquarius_27_1983
    I'm looking at getting a Palm TX I'm trying to get into nursing school but I've worked in a nursing home for 2 years and I've been a neurology patient the majority of my life so I have a lot of experience in the field. Just want to know if the TX is the best choice and what the best programs are to put on it. Also wanting all this to help take care of my dad and pop since they are cardiac patients and mom is new diabetic since I'm always checking up on vitals and their medicines, plus all my meds. Thank goodness I'm going Nursing.lol
  2. by   tutored
    The TX is very nice (I have one), but unless internet access means the world to you, you can just get their next step down, and save a hundred dollars. It will still run all the same software.
  3. by   GilaRRT
    If you can hold out a few months, Ipaq is planning on putting a new PDA on the market. Some of the people in the technology" know" have stated that the new Ipaq's will "bring the PDA back from the dead." Check out CNET.com for more details. I am curious to see the prices and options offered. It may be worth the wait.
  4. by   gijoe_169
    I would suggest getting the Palm Lifedrive Mobile manager. They were discontinued by Palm, but you can get refurbished ones on amazon.com. Mine is GREAT. It has a 4gb hard drive, wi-fi, bluetooth, expansion card slot, so on. You can look at the specs on amazon. They come with a warranty too, not as long, but long enough to make sure it's gonna work ok. These cost 400 when they first came out, but you can get the refurbished ones for 250. These are superior in every way unless you want to unload and get the HP Ipaq for 500.