Which PDA?

  1. My apologies for asking questions that have already been asked.

    However, Ive just returned from Iraq and I need a PDA like yesterday.

    So some questions I have are:

    Pocket PC or Palm and why?

    What is some good basic software for ICU I can start with including pharm?

    Have any of you had good luck with getting PDA's on Ebay?

    Thanks so much in advance-

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and welcome back - thanks for your service! I would advise getting a Palm OS system only because there are so many applications available. As to programs, ICU Suite is excellent - I use the ER Suite. Definitely get the Epocrates free download and if you are an APN, spend the extra money for the Epocrates Pro. I have not used Ebay but then I'm distrustful of sending my credit card numbers over the internet. Good luck.
  4. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    :yeahthat: (I have a Palm One Treo. It does everything for me but wash my windows. I even have Spanish program on there. Almost love it more than my chihuahua...)
  5. by   NaomieRN
    Tungsten E2
  6. by   semi-fly
    I would also recommend getting a Palm based PDA, as it was stated previously there are more applications avail. for it than the Power PC (Win CE) based PDA's.

    I've heard people recommend Pocket Advisor as well as Epocrates for use in the ICU.

    As for a specific model, you really need to ask yourself a few simple questions.

    1. What will I be using it for (yes, I know you already said ICU) but do you see a use outside of that?

    2. Which features are you looking for?

    3. What are you willing to spend on the PDA?

    4. Do you need additional memory? (This will be an obvious YES)

    5. Which O/S are you currently running (Windows 2000/XP, MAC OS X, or Linux)?

    MY SUGGESTION: Go down to your local computer shop (Fry's, CompUSA, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) and look at the models offered and see which feels right for you.

    MY OPINION: I would suggest either the Palm TX or the Tungsten, in addition I would suggest purchasing a hard shell/case for it, so you can protect your investment. I suggest splurging on expansion memory, grab either a 1GB or 2GB SD card since both units except it.
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  7. by   11:11
    Thanks for all the answers. Im sure they have all been answered before but like I said I need this more than quickly.

    So thanks again.

    As far as what Ill use it for, at this time it will be hospital only. Im sure Ill figure out other uses in the future but right now its purpose will be reference and to allow me to stay at the bedside while I access information rather than have to use a book or hospital specific PC based resources. Id like to be able to store some pics, maybe a calendar, and important dates etc.

    Im not sure what features I even need so Im not sure how to answer that question. I suppose Ill know those answers after a few months of owning one.

    I hope to not spend more than a couple hundred bucks. Im not sure how Ill afford the software which is costly. I had thought about getting one from Ebay that already has the software on it but like another poster Im not a fan of using my info over the net.

    Ill for sure get the biggest memory card I can when I can afford it (2gig).

    My PC based OS' are XP and ME.

    Im looking at the E2.

    Thanks again for the input it really helps-

  8. by   Jack Burton
    Go for the TX. The built in Wi-Fi will be really useful once you use it.
  9. by   Larry77
    I vote for Tungsten T/X...check out the specs for the different palms and see what is important to you because while the PDA's with cameras etc have great features some do not have very good memory capacity.

    I bought 2 PDA's on ebay and have had good luck...just read their feedback. You sometimes can find some preloaded with a ton of programs (not exactly legal however).
  10. by   drumwhacker
    I've chosen the Pocket PC platform for my reference needs. I see a lot of people recommending Palm OS machines because of software availability. In my extensive experience with PDA software, Pocket PC or Windows CE devices have just as much medical software available today as do Palm devices. In fact, I'd recommend the Pocket PC over Palm for another reason as well: ease of use. For people who are familiar with the Windows operating systems on the desktop, adapting to the Windows Mobile environment can be a smoother transition than attempting to learn the Palm system.

    In my opinion, the Palm OS used to be the best choice for the medical arena since it preceeded the Pocket PC and continues to offer a diverse number of useful programs. Many software companies are now, however, producing the exact same titles for both platforms (www.skyscape.com is one example). I'd be happy to share more Pocket PC info if anyone is interested.

    Keep on Tappin
  11. by   drumwhacker
    Forgot to mention..... www.medicalwizards.com is another good site.

    Best of Luck
  12. by   11:11
    Ok Ive been reading on the site a little once I got some internet access and Ive come to the conclusion that Palms and Pocket PC's are both very good at what they do and are a matter of preference.

    That creates a whole new delimma for me as Id like to get away from Bill Gates and his machines for security and privacy reasons. That would mean an Apple or MAC for a desktop some day.

    Unfortunately I own three microsoft machines already and am familiar with the software.

    The more I read the more difficult the decision it seems!

    Thanks for all the comments I truly appreciate it-

  13. by   KnarfKS
    Use what you know.

    As for the mac vs pc thing, that is a joke. If you don't do stupid things with your PC you won't get viruses. I have used PC's since windows 3.0 and I have never had a single virus. If you are dumb with a mac there are "viruses" out there that will screw it up as well.

    After this rant the moral is set passwords, and use real passwords that aren't your name or something easy to figure out.
  14. by   11:11
    Well, I bought the Tungsten E2.

    I might wish I bought a pocket PC tomorrow but so far this little thing is pretty cool. Ill try it for a year and when I know more Ill decide which way to go regarding Palm or PC.

    I have friends that use both PC and Apple/Mac and they assure me the interface is no big deal.

    I know already I wish I had more memory but Ill get the biggest card I can get when I can afford it.

    So anyway, After I play with this for a day or two Ill load some freeware on it and play some more. Ill load some other stuff on it in a few days most likely from skyscape based on what Ive been reading.

    Most of what Ill get will be with an emphasis for ICU work.

    Ive already bought a hard case for it too.

    Anyway, enough of that rant. Thank you all for posting and helping out-


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