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  1. Hello everybody,

    I want to purchase a handheld and investigated several options but not sure which one to get .The TX and Tungsten E2 seem to be most popular, TX is more expensive. What kind of handheld do you use ( if you use one at all) or which one would you recommend?

    Thank you,

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I use TX and love it, try checking out the PDA forum think this has been asked a few times
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Nutella - I went ahead and moved your thread to the PDA forum where it will get more replies. Myself, I have the Tungsten E and have had it for over two years and still love it.
  5. by   sprtnbsblplya
    I use the TX for BSN school and love it. It is faster and has more storage available than the other Palm series. Also, it has dual wireless, WiFi and Bluetooth, so you can connect to any wireless environment that will be required.
  6. by   Lady_in_red
    I love my Palm TX! It has been great for keeping my schedule and for all of my nursing programs. I don't use the blootooth feature but I use the wireless connection pretty often. the only reason I got the TX instead of the E2 was that wireless feature.
    Head over to BestBuy or a similar store. They have them on display and you can mess around on them and see which one you prefer.
  7. by   sprtnbsblplya
    Check Amazon and eBay, you can often get an in box refurbished TX for less than $200.
  8. by   nutella
    Hi Trauma,
    Thank you for moving - I did not even know that there is a special forum for PDAs!

    And thanks to everybody else!

    I am leaning towards the TX but I think I really need to drive to a store and try that thing.
    Wow - when I started nursing 10 y. ago I would have never thought that we will have those options one day...... great!
  9. by   West_Coast_Ken
    Quote from nutella
    I am leaning towards the TX but I think I really need to drive to a store and try that thing.
    Hey! you've got it. Go try the things out for a test drive. It's hard to get a real picture without actually trying the software you will load, but it's better than chosing based on nothing at all.

    I have the Tungsten T5...no longer sold by Palm but lots out there used, etc.

    Regarding the difference between the Tungsten E2 vs T|X...the latter is faster, has more memory and has a LARGER SCREEN (though not all software uses the larger screen, but most do).

    One thing to remember is that other than the memory card, PDAs are NOT upgradable at all. What you get is what you are stuck with until you buy another entire unit so plan carefully.



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