Where to put PDA during clinicals?

  1. For those of you that bring your PDA (or phone) to clinicals or work, where is the best place to put it: scrub top or scrub bottoms? With all the bending, stooping, leaning over, I am curious where I can keep my PDA safe but within short reach to look up drugs, etc. I recently bought a hard case for mine, and it includes a belt attachment that I can use as well.

    I begin nursing school in January, and the scrubs that I bought for clinicals do not have the cargo pockets, only the two side pockets. I'm now second-guessing my choice and I am thinking about taking them back to get the scrubs with cargo pockets.

    Thanks for your help! :spin:
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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    You put it were it works for you. I wear scrubs with LOTS of pockets. I never seem to put it in the same one twice. I've used a small belly pack, I'm still looking for the ultimate. So keep exploring and find out what works.

    Just don't leave it laying on a desk. that is the hard part, making sure it doesn't grow little legs.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I always had scrubs with cargo pockets and that is where my PDA went. Never fell out, never dropped it.
    I have been using a Palm device since 1999.

    Have always done well in my scrub shirt chest pocket.

    Since I am a "good nurse" and always bend at the knees and not the waist I have not had an issue (haha).
  6. by   KrysyRN
    I wore a scrub jacket and kept mine in one of the front pockets. It never fell out.
  7. by   TexasPediRN
    I have an addiction to Cargo Pants.

    Never leave home without em..

    Tons of pockets, its great And perfect place for phone/PDA.

  8. by   GPatty
    Since I wear skirts, I always kept mine in my scrub jacket pocket. Never had an issue with it being there.
  9. by   fragino
    To make sure it's always with you and don't grow "legs" use one of those ID holders that comes with a reel. Just take the part that clips to the ID and attach it to your PDA holder. I had to remove the clip and string it trough and tie a knot. Attach the clip to one of your belt loops if you put it in your pants pocket or anywhere close to where you want to put it. This way it's convenient and you lessen the chance of losing it. Those ID reels are really cheap and the string are really tough. Sometimes they do break but it's cheaper to replace those than your PDA. There are going to be many times you're going to be rushed to do something and if you don't have that thing attached to you, you may forget to take it with you. Well, it's true in my case anyway.
  10. by   itsmyturn
    I thought of this, cause I sure don't want to loose my PDA.

    I went to the store and bought white velcro that you can iron on and took 2 small pieces and attached to one pocket on my scrub. Works great and don't have to worry about it falling out!
  11. by   LuvatravelRN
    Quote from krysy
    I wore a scrub jacket and kept mine in one of the front pockets. It never fell out.
    I too wear a scrub jacket because I am always cold and I have not had a problem yet. It's easily accessible and secure so that it will not fall out. However, if I don't have my jacket for some reason I will put it in the pocket of my scrub top.

    It just depends on what works for you and what's most comfortable .

    Hope this helps...take care!
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  12. by   maliat
    I used to put mine in my front pocket. As long as you don't lean forward too far, it stays in and don't have lots of other heavy things in there. Now I've gotten into wearing a fanny pack, so it goes in there.
  13. by   caliotter3
    I used to use a fanny pack and would put mine in there. Otherwise it might be a good idea to start collecting pants with cargo pockets or try the idea of making velcro holders. Whereever it feels most comfortable for you. The idea about attaching it to one of those reel holders with a string also sounds good to me. Anything to keep it on your person when you leave the room. Too expensive to lose.
  14. by   sonja77
    i put my palm tx in the left front pocket of my scrub top. i've never had a problem with it falling out.