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What's on My Ipod? Ok I promised to let you all know about my explorations on my Ipod Touch. So here goes. All my medical applications take up less than a gig so it will all fit in. But... Read More

  1. by   CraigB-RN
    I'll have a rewrite of my what's on my IPOD posted here later today. I had to do a rewrite because I signed over the copywrite to Elsiver and they wouldn't let me post it. I've got a draft done, but have to have it reviewed to make sure I don't violate the copyright.
  2. by   Agrippa
    I just wish some of these apps weren't so expensive. I hate how some of them are just as expensive as the book version. They should do it like itunes does it with music. THey'd sell more at a cheaper price and it would all be profit since they have no cost of making/binding/delivering the books etc.
  3. by   Saifudin
    Question for all you techno-savvy nurses,

    I am considering a PDA, etc., and would like any practical advice. I work in Saudi so no phone plans. All phones are sold unlocked. The IPhone 3.5 G is available for around $800. HTC, Palm, Acer, and others available. Are there available medical/nursing applications for the other PDA devices? Also, how many times can you drop an Iphone and be thankful it still works? Last, I like a keypad. Any problems with an all-touch system? Can you touch telephone extensions without any problems?


  4. by   traumaRUs
    Love my iphone - have dropped it several times. I do keep a rubberized case on it though.

    No problems with extensions or the silly folks: press 1 for English....2 for Spanish....3 for German...etc.
  5. by   buransic
    The Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms is on my mp3 player. It's on iTunes. It can be a little dry, but it's good to listen to while you're waiting on your oil change or whatever.
    The Skyscape Constellation packages are very useful, especially for students. It's a lot easier to electronically browse Lab & Diagnostics or the Drug Guide than to use a book.
  6. by   whichone'spink
    All my music
    All my photos
    Nursing Central-had to get that for school, and I love it.
    Physical Exam-has systems assessments in case I need to refresh.
    Auscultation-Has lung, heart and bowel sounds for me to refresh on.
    iCal-Organizes everything for the week, and the whole month

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