What websites can i find these books for my pda?

  1. hi there well i just bought a pda and i am now wondering which websites or stores even where i can purchase such books like tabers or davis's drug guide? im new at this and very lost! i am a first semester nursing student and have found that many of my classmates cant live without their pda's. any suggestions?
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  3. by   emersushea
    Skyscape is a website that sells common nursing texts in PDA format and PDA-specific programs. Here's a link below:


    Also, take a look at one of the stickies in this forum called "PDA's and programs, could we make this a sticky?" It may take some browsing/searching through the posts but there are a lot of websites listed that people have found with nursing-specific PDA programs. Many of these programs are actually free!

    Good luck!!