What PDA software do you have?

  1. im making sure that im not missing any programs for med surg clinical :spin:

    so far this is what i have on my PDA

    Davis Drug Guide
    English Spanish Dictionary (im in Florida)
    Lippincotts Manual Practice
    Taber's Dictionary

    anything else u guys might recommend to add to my current programs?
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    Here is what I carry on my Palm TX:

    Epocrates Essentials

    ICU Math


    Johns Hopkins ABX Guide

    Code Blue

    ECG (Covers unusual 12 lead findings)

    Kathy White ICU Guide



    Merck Journals (download abstracts from over 200 medical and nursing journals to stay current)

    Sepsis EGDT

    iSilo (carry numerous medical information files written in iSilo format. Best one is Clinical Medicine Consult)

    Over 800 memos I have written for EM and Critical care

    Use the multimedia capability of the TX to view Emergency medicine Video Podcasts from www.emrap.tv
  4. by   Faeriewand
    I have Skyscape Constellation with some of the addons and the free stuff too. Sounds like you have constellation too. I like it because it links everything so I just recommend that to everyone. Buy the Constellation and then pick up whatever you need as you go along.

    Epocrates is a medical program, not made especially for nurses but I know one nurse that bought it. Cost $150 to use for 2 years. most students just use the free program.