Using a PDA for internet access

  1. What do you "have to have" for access the internet with a PDA?

    I.E., your own ISP or a cellphone?
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  3. by   shock-me-sane
    I am somewhat ignorant on this subject, but from what I understand you can have a WiFi card and access the internet from any hotspots or open networks. Bluetooth can be used to access the internet through your cell phone.
  4. by   blueyesue
    Quote from ColdFusion
    What do you "have to have" for access the internet with a PDA?

    I.E., your own ISP or a cellphone?
    You need to have wifi on your PDA, then you just need to find a hotspot, or use your ISP and get a wireless router. If you use Linksys or something like it, just talk to the free support and they should help you get you up and running in no time. To find hotspots in your area, go to
    You can also get internet on your PDA via USB port if you wish.
  5. by   DEEJAECEE
    So if I buy one of those PDA's with wifi built in, I can get access thought almost any wireless connection besides the ones that require a password?
  6. by   NavyVet
    Yup, if your PDA has built in WiFi, then you can access any unsecured wireless network, though you maybe wandering into some moral, ethical or possibly legal questions there. Your best bet is to get the owners permission or to use some of the free hotspots out there....Starbucks and Panera Bread spring to mind.
  7. by   Peaches_7399
    Also if you don't have built in wifi. Linksys offers a wifi pda card.
  8. by   gauge14iv
    I will say this about surfing on a PDA - it is P A I N F U L L Y S L O O O O O o o o o o W!!!!!!! It just takes forever for those pages to load, not really worth doing if you have any other way to do it.

    The reaon I got wifi on my device is because I wanted to be able to download email at places like starbucks on occasion and in case I ever went to work in a practice where I could actually use it to chart and do work related things.
  9. by   Peaches_7399
    I would imagine so! I haven't used my card yet ... it was defective so I am getting a new one. However having the conveiniance(sp) will be nice. Ofcourse most things will be taken care of at home. I plan to use a bluetooth connection through my cell phone. I figure $6.00/month isn't to bad to have the internet where ever i go!

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