Tungsten E2 Just purchsaed. VERY confused.

  1. hey guys, i am new to these boards but i have been lurking on it for a while (ever since i was pre-nursing). i am in my first semester of nursing school and recently purchased a tungsten e2. i love it so far and right now i only have epocrates on it.

    i downloaded diagnosauras and nursing diagnosis (from pdacortex.com) on to my comp but i'm having problems with it on my pda.

    my pda says there is about 17.7 mb left which i can use. diagnosaurus is only 0.8 mb and the other one is 3.74 kb or something.

    i was able to get the nursing diagnosis one into my hot synced and it is on my pda if i click on applications i see it there and see how much space it is taking up but i can't find it anywhere else on my pda where i can actually use it! its just in the info section where it says how much space i'm taking.

    diagnosauras is another problem too! i downloaded it and when i get passed agreeing the license, it says unable to communicate (make sure pda is connected) and it is connected to my computer so i don't know what is going on there?!

    can someone help me out?! i really want some sort of diagnosis program on my pda.
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  3. by   TheOldGuy
    Try pushing the Hotsync button on the cable connecting your PDA to your computer...
  4. by   pacuRN26
    I did that, didn't help.

    The Nursing Diangnosis one actually "synced" onto the PDA but i Can't access it. I see it on my PDA when i look at the info of all my applications and how much space they take up but I can find it functional on the PDA I have more than enough space left as well.

    Diagnosauras does not even sync onto my PDA i get a message saying "Unable to communicate with PDA or device or something, Make sure it is connected and try again"

    Well it is connected and I have already pressed the button.

  5. by   TheOldGuy
    Hmmmm I've had something like that occur before - what I did was delete the application and reload - there is usually a point where the application tells you to tap a button on the screen to sync - make sure you don't tap the button on the screen - push your hotsync button on the cable instead....
  6. by   pacuRN26
    I've tried deleting and reloading the nursing diagnosis but it still didn't show up as to where I can access it on my PDA. I've tried 3 times.

    Also, with diagnosaurus as soon as I attach my PDA my epocrates loads and everything else syncs and I don't touch anything on the PDA I just press the button to sync and the diagnosauras still says its not connected so I cant even go further with the process.

    Any ideas as to what else I can do?

    Thanks for the help so far though. This is making me so frustrated!
  7. by   TheOldGuy
    You've got me stumped - the approach I mentioned above worked on mine....the only thing that comes to mind is that maybe when you are opening up the application on your pc, you're not initiating the diagnosaurus program correctly ..... but other than that I am at the limit of my competence!

    Wish I could be more helpful!
  8. by   Indy
    That happened to me with the various forms of solitaire that I tried to install, so I finally just figured if the only way I can access it is to delete it, it goes bybye.

    I know that's not helpful. Sorry.
  9. by   mcknis
    I have had the same problem but a while ago. Call the help desk number that Diagnosaurus is published by. They are probably geniouses at that kind of stuff, anyway.
  10. by   treysdaddy08
    do you have vista?