Tungsten E2 - page 2

Any one have/used this model? Want to look around befor I buy. Any info is great thanks!... Read More

  1. by   samaletta
    I have a tungsten e2 and I love it!! I bought a 1GB memory card to go with it just beacuse I don't know that much about "memory" and I didn't want to run out of it. I downloaded a ton of programs and haven't even had to use my card yet. I don't regret getting it though....it was only $15. I really like the tungsten.... I would recomend it.
  2. by   Bella Donna
    I have an E2, and for some reason, I cant get it to work. Maybe I am just to ignorant to work it. If you can help me figure it out, I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. by   tink6109
    I got the E2 for christmas with a nursing program I LOVE IT although if you are the internet type I found it hard to get on. There are so many programs out there for free or for little money.