Trying to decide on software.........

  1. I am trying to decide what I want based on free trials. I'm also trying to save money as much as I can in the process.

    I do have epocrates & dxsaurus for free.

    I am thinking about getting the constellation thing from skyscape. This will give me RN notes, davis drug guide, & a lab/diagnostics for $86.95, then I can also get 20% off of Tabers (39.95)& the herbal guide (33.55),

    I am still debating on signs/symptoms..........has anyone tried it, what are your thoughts??

    I'm also debating on the IV drug guide...........again, any thoughts??

    The one that isn't from skyscape that I really, really like is from It's called 5mccDx07 & it's pricey, 64.95, but I can't find anything that looks as good as it, so I think I'm set on getting it.

    Any thoughts on these plans? I just have to wait for my income tax return to get this stuff.
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