Time-management apps for iTouch?

  1. So I'm a pre-nursing student and honestly, I'm wondering if anyone had some amazing time management apps for iTouch? I'm looking for something that's a 24-hour-day, seven days a week, and allows me to put in what I'm doing or each half-hour/hour. I've seen some other "calenders" and really am not fond of the idea of me spending weeks (or years) trying to schedule everything out of midair. Does anyone have any suggestions? Even websites would be loved!

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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    I use outlook calendar, but for the Itouch I would use google calendar which is free. Goosync is one. Pocket informant is another. Time management is a third. Do a search in the app on the itouch.
  4. by   tejon
    I use Pocket Informant, which syncs with my Google calendar. I love that I automatically have the same information on my iPod and my computer. It also has a to-do list and organizer that syncs with your computer as well. I've tried most of the organizers and really like this one.
  5. by   CraigB-RN
    I'm a pocket informant person also. I've been using it since it's early palm days. It syncs with my google calandar which syncs with my outlook so the same information is wereever it's needed. I also use Toodledo which is a web based to do, also sycns with PI.
  6. by   PoojaShukla