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I just found out from my school that smartphones aren't allowed. I had my heart set on the HTC TYTN and have been holding out on buying a new phone/contract for around 6 months. I am... Read More

  1. by   chescat58, RNC-NIC
    I have had a PDA for about 5 years now. I had an HP and the touch screen became unresponsive. I was going to switch to an axiom, big sell but Dell kept placing it on backorder and then finally Dell cancelled the order so I got another HP. But I have just gotten the 8525 from Cingular and love it. I have the 2 GB card and have just seen that there are now 4 GB cards for the phones. I work in a level 3 NICU, I have the phone on vibrate and do not use the phone at work however I do use office files and my calender. Employees are not supposed to have their personal cell phones on their body at work but it is not enforced. I have even seen some employees talking on their cell phone in the unit. Doctors talk on their cell phones quite a bit in the patient care areas. I really like the 8525 however the internal memory is not much compared to a PDA. The 8525 from cingular also had a flight mode when you are flying, some of the other smart phones do not have the flight mode and it had to stay off the whole time. There is a magazine called pocket PC that compares them.
  2. by   TKBSN2b
    Just FYI, the Palm TX is on sale for $199 direct from Palm with free shipping and keyboard. Mines on order.
  3. by   colleenm
    Quote from TKBSN2b
    Just FYI, the Palm TX is on sale for $199 direct from Palm with free shipping and keyboard. Mines on order.
    Is there a special code # to get this offer? I just checked and it shows $299 with free shipping (also no free keyboard).
  4. by   TKBSN2b
    Quote from colleenm
    Is there a special code # to get this offer? I just checked and it shows $299 with free shipping (also no free keyboard).
    It must have been a limited time offer. Mine is on backorder at the moment. Amazon has them for $257 but for $5 more you can get one with a hard case, both with free shipping.
  5. by   omni

    Just thought I would voice my take on the ultimate pda :-).
    I can tell you right now that there is not, and never will be, an ultimate pda. This is because different people want different things in their pda. Some people want everything and will offer batterylife, size and things like that. Other people want simple and will have to do without camera, cellphone, and things like that.
    The philosophy for palm was always keeping it as simple as possible and as user friendly as possible. This resulted in a very stable OS and not so many "flashy" features in their pdas. This ment that you got what you needed and not much more, but people also started to make software that filled the gaps and sold them cheap or free to users. This ment that if you wanted a specific program, you got probably get it online, and you could actually make software yourself with not that much training since palm was mostly open source.
    Microsoft chose to go the other way with lots of fancy features and unstable as hell. And with terrible support and closed API's for programmers. Offcourse this was back in the day (10 years +). Since then everybody has been talking about Smartphones and how they will vipe out the pda market, but that has not happend and probably will not.
    As you probably have figured by now I'm very much pro palm and their philosophy. I have owned a Visor, Palm III , V, 500, 505 and now the TX. But I also now have a HTC TyTN 2 smartphone with windows mobile. They both work exellent for their use, but I will not get rid of one or the other. The palm TX I use for work, and the smartphone I use for personal stuff. I also am looking into getting a HTC shift UMPC, but that will have to wait, my laptop will have to do for now.

    You can do pretty much everything you can with a laptop on the TX. You can do VPN (virtual private network), if you get Opera mini or simmilar you can surf prertty much all websites, and you can do certificates and things like that for banking. The only thing you need to remember is that if you think you need a feature that is not there by default, I will bet that someone else has thought of that before you, and made software that does it. Just google it or go to brighthand forums or palminfocenter on the web an you will probably find it.
  6. by   nurz2be
    I too was going to get a smart phone but we had our orientation for nursing school and they stated without prejudice NO CELLS> PERIOD. They are left at the door and if there is a family emergency they call the school's front desk and leave a message for the secretaries to come get us. We can, however, have a PDA. My decision was made right then and there. So, I bought a Tungsten E2.......FABULOUS. I have words to go and can put PowerPoints, update notes during class with Word, Excel can be used as well. I have some really incredible, and free which is important for us poor nursing students, programs for school. Some of my classmates have seen it and they go nuts over it. My drug book program alone saves me SOOOOOO much time when on clinical rounds. Not to mention the other programs that I have found on this forum. So, I guess the moral of the story is to check with your school, if you are a student, to see if they allow or do not allow cell phones in class.
  7. by   kithzeez
    I have palm tx and recommended this to my collegues. It has a bigger memory than the t2 and much cheaper. I actually bought a newer tx because I lent my old one to my sister in law. I got mine during black friday sale at for $199 with the wireless keyboard and freeshipping. I sold my older tx to my sister inlaw for $150 because she has been insisting me to sell it to her. Both of us got a good... I think.