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For those of you trying to decide between buying your nursing software bundle from Skyscape vs. Unbound Medicine for your PDA here is my sorry experience after one year. I bought the Unbound... Read More

  1. by   espress099
    good to know! thanks! do you know if the content between unbound and skyscrape differs? (I think skyscrape might be cheaper too, right?)
  2. by   Havin' A Party!
    Thanks for posting, Frag.

    Was soon to be purchasing Unbound's package. Will now be re-pondering the decision and alternatives.

    UM's position appears to be a poor marketing model.

    Hope we hear back from the company rep with welcoming news soon. It may also be in UM's self-interest to modify the terms of use of their product. Let's see if anything shakes out here.
  3. by   sandnnw
    "Outcomes in clinical medicine" is one of the free apps, constantly updated. I refer to it quite often, easy read, concise and a wealth of quick help.
  4. by   Annaiya
    Quote from sandnnw
    I have used Skyscape since Summer of '05. Gone thru four devices and they come through every time. Even offer free apps which are current and very handy. I highly recommend!
    When I got my new iPhone Skyscape told me I was not able to transfer any of my purchases to my new phone, because I purchased them rather than pay the annual fee subscription. I had over $350 in books and was very disappointed that they only last as long as the phone. Unbound's websites says you can transfer to a new device within the first year, I couldn't find anything on Skyscape's page addressing this. Neither seems like a great option, but it is really nice to have references that are so easy to access.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Hmmm - I use several Skyscape apps and when I went from a Blackberry to iPhone their tech support was fantastic helping me to transfer all the stuff.

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