Satisfied with Ipod Touch 8GB

  1. I have had my Ipod Touch now for a week. I've been able to use it during my clinical rotation and have been quite happy! Maybe more than happy really .....I can't believe that I survived my surgical rotation without this handy-dandy gizmo in my hand. It has made my life so much easier and have used it in studying for Pharmacology....the cross-referencing of Unbound Medicine's Nursing Central has allowed me to really get into the subject matter, thereby affording me much understanding than what I would have gotten if I laid down all my books in front of me. In the past, I would note down terms or whatever it was in the hopes that I would look it up. Suffice it to say, that 9 out of 10, I would always forget or be too lazy to do so.

    So anyways, to get on to how I set up my iTouch - Just so you know, I am in no way a "high tech" person. The allure of the iTouch came only because of the input of the other posters here. Anyway, I was able to set it all up by myself within a span of a few hours. When I opened the box, the set-up instructions were easy to follow. I proceeded to iTunes where I tried to find the necessary apps for nursing e.g. MedCalc, Epocrates, Lexi-Comp, Eponyms, and Unbound Medicine apps. After downloading it I bought Unbound Medicine's Nursing Central for $143 (thanks to the 10% discount banner here at allnurses, original pricing was at $159.95). The other apps that I mentioned are FREE apps from iTunes.

    I also downloaded a couple of FREE (so I still am cheap, there are still tuition fees to pay for) miscellaneous nursing games/apps/videos e.g. Research Channel, Bones Lite, Drug Suffixes, Psych Drugs, Stanza for my entertainment. I uploaded 8 CDs worth of music, since I plan to just rotate my music when I sync my iTouch. At the end of this process, my 8GB still had 6GB free!!!! woo hoo.....My iTouch is also synched with my computer for mail, schedules,etc.

    Another site that gives reviews on nursing & the iTouch or iPhone is (

    In conclusion, IMHO, the iTouch is a gizmo that nursing students should consider when they go into their clinical rotations. The drug reference books left at the nursing station doesn't really help anyone except the dust bunnies. But the convenience of pulling info while on the floor, to me is....priceless!
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