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i see lots of people (including myself) asking for advice on pda's and programs for them. someone suggested a forum for them a while ago but that obviously didn't' happen. how about if we made a... Read More

  1. by   woknblues
    Quote from msmith
    Hi folks - just wanted a quick update on the deciding between the smartphone and the TX. I know now all the smartphones come with huge memories, such as 2 GIG and everything that a PDA has.

    So which is the best way to go? Does the TX have as much memory as the smartphone or would I need to add memory to the TX? I really like the TX, the bigger screen, ease of use, etc. I am leaning toward the TX. However, I just want to be sure the TX will meet all of my needs. Right now I am in a nurse practitioner program and would like to download a medical dictionary, etc on the PDA. I just want to be sure I don't run out of memory with the TX.

    Any thoughts or comments?

    Hey, I am no "know it all", but I will just link you my responses to your questions I have answered in the past. If you have further questions, ask away!!


    I really think the TX is one of the last great bargains out there. Just the right size, very useful in school and I would imagine in the clinic, and not bad on long trips, either. Very flexible, proprietary in some ways, but tolerable.

    Keep in mind, 2gig SD cards are going for less than $10 shipped... I have 2 gigs, and even with pics, movies and songs, I am about 1/2 full at the worst. I have 15+ skyscape programs.
  2. by   msmith
    Hey Woknblues,

    Thanks for the tidbit. That was very interesting. I take it you have a TX. Where is the cheapest I can get it? And where can I get 2 gig card for 10 bucks? Sorry about all the questions - I am new to the whole PDA thing, but I'm excited and I can't wait to get it. I really think it will come in handy!

  3. by   woknblues
    Quote from msmith
    hey woknblues,

    thanks for the tidbit. that was very interesting. i take it you have a tx. where is the cheapest i can get it? and where can i get 2 gig card for 10 bucks? sorry about all the questions - i am new to the whole pda thing, but i'm excited and i can't wait to get it. i really think it will come in handy!


    the cards can be found almost anywhere, amazon, newegg, etc. i highly recommend newegg, they have never let me down in price or service. the cheapest cards are "microsds" that have a sd adapter. there is no difference, and the neat thing is that they are good for your palm, and can be used in smart phones, as well... make sure you only get "sd"(2 ig max), and not, i repeat, not "sdhc" (>2gig).

    the tx is a judgment call on your part. if you want the cheapest, do what i did. find a "respected buyer" on ebay, and do a little educated gambling. i picked up a tx for $100 very lightly used with the smallest of scratches that you cannot see unless the palm is powered off, and with a reflection angle.... my gf bought one from newegg for $250, it was an "international version" meaning she chose her language at the very start of installation, everything else was the same. she bought a refurbished one for her dad (physician) from another ebay retailer with a very high satisfaction level. no problems.

    i have included links for the card, and a few "teaser" links for the palm. ask someone you know who is ebay savvy to help you root out a deal. i know you said you are no tech savvy, but i would be all over some of these deals.

    at any rate, a decent used one should run you anyhwere from $100-$200. many include the software and are "ex-nurse" owned. like i said, i got mine for a song and a dance, and about $300 worth of software. it is the best deal i have got ever, i think.....



    retail, not a bad price...


    happy shopping. you should find a million of these on ebay now, with the holidays coming up, everybody wants a new iphone/blackberry/etc. i say, let em have at it. there are some crazy cheap products that get the job done quite well.
  4. by   msmith
    hi woknblues,

    Thanks for the advice. I think I will definitely go with TX. I think it will be very helpful. I might have more questions later - hope it's ok.
  5. by   woknblues
    Quote from msmith
    hi woknblues,

    Thanks for the advice. I think I will definitely go with TX. I think it will be very helpful. I might have more questions later - hope it's ok.
    My pleasure.
  6. by   vlynn4
    I am buying a Palm TX, but I already have some textbooks with Cd's -- like Davis' drug guide. Can I use everything that is on my PC on the Palm??
  7. by   lpnflorida
    Program for your computer and programs for pda are different . I would check and see if there is a software program out there that is capable of changing the programs you have into a pda format. Not unlike the software available which is available which allows us to change music into different useable formats

    My Davis program which I brought I got both formats one for the computer one for the pda. I think at the time it was a small nominal fee to add.
  8. by   woknblues
    Quote from vlynn4
    I am buying a Palm TX, but I already have some textbooks with Cd's -- like Davis' drug guide. Can I use everything that is on my PC on the Palm??
    lpn is correct. More likely, if you purchase the pda version, you will be given an option to get the desktop add on, as opposed to the desktop version offering a pda version add on, simply because there are many more formats for pda's than the standard windows/mac for desktop.

    And certainly, a destop program will not run on a tx per se (talking about various skyscape programs). There are many text and document readers that do make refernce applications for a desktop, readable and usable to a pda. A word of caution though, as much as I love my palm, I hate reading pdf files straight across. I recommend using a converter that changes pdf to iSilo for this type of thing, as it will convert your pdf file to a searchable and easier reading document. It is a bit of an "Expert use" type of function unfortunately. My GF is great at getting that stuff working, I am not..
  9. by   vlynn4
    I did what you recommended and went on e-bay and found a seller of nursing/medical pdas with tons of excellent feedback and ordered a TX with the programs (literally $100s of dollars worth - I cross checked) already loaded on it.
    I also took advantage of the warranty through Square Deal offered on ebay, since I have heard some models do have trouble after a few months with the touch screen. (Now that I bought the warranty, mine will hopefully be great! ha)
    I'm excited to get it and start learning how to use it!
    Is it fairly user friendly?
  10. by   lpnflorida
    Congratulations, I feel it is fairly user friendly, takes a bit to get use to . You should not have any problem though. I also had bought my without programs on ebay a couple of years ago..... love my Tx, love ebay..lol
  11. by   woknblues
    Quote from lpnflorida
    Congratulations, I feel it is fairly user friendly, takes a bit to get use to . You should not have any problem though. I also had bought my without programs on ebay a couple of years ago..... love my Tx, love ebay..lol
    This exactly...

    The learning curve is pretty quick. Figure a week or so of learning what buttons to press when you need fast info, etc.

    The hardest part is getting the programs onto your card from skyscape, etc. If that is done for you already, you are probably good to go.

    Don't be afraid to soft reset your palm on occasion. I actually make a point of doing a soft reset during periods of slow use, just as a precaution/prophylaxis. Since I have been doing that, I have not had any periodic freeze issues. It is actually no big deal if it happens, but it usually happened to me during times when I did not want to wait 2 minutes to get back in to the program. So what I do is just before the end of my day, soft reset it. Since then, no freezes.


    THe screen is pretty nice and big for watching movies and stuff. I use TCMP. It is a free media player, and so far, runs all media I throw at it.
  12. by   listener
    Quote from woknblues
    As for the programs, go to skyscape.

    I find some of the programs to be somewhat redundant. I do not recommend you get any of the "specialized books" right away as most of them seem to be just "watered down" medsurg books. Of course, it is up to you, and other people have different opinions. I use the following on a daily basis, and I wouldn't trade them for anything:

    Tabers medical dictionary
    A to Z drugs (the best of the 4 different drug handbooks I found, it has a lot of good pharma info on it)
    Davis medsurg (the big daddy. Tons of stuff in the appendix, too)
    Davis NANDA (a clinical "go to")
    Hey woknblus! I've been following your posts about the TX and I just ordered one. Thanks for your contributions to the forum. Can I ask you a quick question re: the programs above? I've been to the Skyscape website (extremely poor search engine - I had to go to Davis website to find some programs that Skyscape's search couldn't find) and found lot's of things, of course, including Constellation and 3 of the 4 programs you mention above, but I couldn't find anything that I was sure was what you're referring to as "Davis NANDA". Can you find a link for me at Skyscape or another title to go by? Here are the other links I found:

    Constellation: http://www.skyscape.com/estore/produ...ProductID=1044
    Tabers Medical Dictionary: http://www.skyscape.com/estore/Produ...ProductId=1215
    A to Z Drugs: http://www.skyscape.com/EStore/Produ...?ProductID=218
    Davis medsurg: http://www.skyscape.com/estore/Produ...ProductId=2425
    Davis NANDA: ???

    Also, do you know if any of these are included in the Constellation already? By name, I have not found any of them there, but perhaps I'm wrong, or maybe at least the Davis NANDA that I couldn't find is part of it? I'll paste in below all the programs they say Constellation includes. They also offer 20% off some others, including Tabers, so that's a good thing! Perhaps there is another good bargain in there...

    I start NS in 2 weeks. I hope I'm not being premature in planning to go ahead and purchase these 4 or 5 programs up front. What do you think? Thank you again so much for your help and enthusiasm for the TX!

    Constellation includes:

    Rx: Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses with built in drug dosing calculation tools
    The Medical Letter's Adverse Drug Interactions Tool

    Sx, Dx, Tx & Lab: RNotes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide
    Labs 360
    MobileDDx - Differential Diagnosis Tool

    Skyscape Stat: MedAlert - Medical Alerts and Clinical Summaries2
    Archimedes 360 Medical Calculator
    ICD-9-CM Coding Tool
    MedStream - Skyscape's dynamic medical information channels1

    Life Support 360
    ACCF Guidelines

    And 20% off any of the following:

    Purchase the new Skyscape Nursing Constellation today and receive a 20% discount on any of these selected add-on references:

  13. by   woknblues
    Hi there!

    Sorry I didn't see this post. Happy to help.

    The NANDA is actually "Nurse's Pocket Guide Diagnosis, Interventions, Rationales 10t ed."
    It is only distributed by FA Davis, and I think I got a bit confused... latest ed is here


    Agreed about the search engine for skyscape. I have looked for things several times, found them, tried to find them again, and got lost... Takes patience.

    I have avoided the constellation in the past, as it was more expensive at the time (around $150 as I recall). Looking at it now for only $89, it seems pretty solid. I have to be honest though, I have not used any program on it except for the davis drug guide, which is excellent. (Though I use A2Z drugs, as I find it more comprehensive). Actually, the nursing constellation plus is closer to what I have.

    Also, the add on subscriptions to journals they give you are a bit fluffy, IMHO. The journals and even the DDX program are more tilted towards "ologists" rather than nurses, as I can see. The lab program is also a bit much, as the nurses clinical pocket guide seems to have labs and lab values. The archimedes medical calculator is already free. Also the NANDA is not included, and is a must buy. A medical dictionary is a must buy. You cannot be a student nurse without these. Total cost of the add ons is over $85, putting that constellation and add ons (almost $160) near my price of cherry picking "the best" that I have found (about $170).

    I am not saying this to persuade you at all, just giving what I know.

    At the very start of nursing school, I might be inclined to wait and see what classes you have coming up first, and use the "free trial" option from skyscape first. You may not need that drug guide until next semester, for example.

    I suppose you could do worse getting the constellation and just add the NANDA and tabers, but it depends on your experience with them. If you go my route, you will pay about the same, and have "less programs" but of course, I was cherry picking those programs. I found some are simply easier to use and more effective. I found some to be more than what I needed at best, and downright confusing and beyond "my pay grade" if you catch my meaning.

    Best of luck, I hope this helped.

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