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  1. Anyone have any suggestions for a PDA. Looking for something with access to most medical information software.
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    Hi Paramedic14. Try this thread:


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    Anyone have any suggestions for a PDA. Looking for something with access to most medical information software.
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    i bought a Tungsten E2 (Palm) it is affordable (I got a great deal at $150) and you can download nursing software on it, it has powerpoint, word, excel, ebooks, adobe reader, and real player. You can get Wi-Fi on it by buying a card ($100 new or off Ebay about $50) and you can play music on it by buying an expansion card for (80-120 new) and (30-60 on Ebay). WiFi and Music aren't really needed for nursing school though, just cool to have.

    Skyscape.com is the place to get nursing software. Ask fellow students and teachers before you buy the software though to know what is best to have.

    do not by a Microsoft based PDA-they don't work as well as the Apple-based. Palm works very efficiently, and is easier to manuever IMO then the Microsfot-based PDAs. I bought mine at Office Depot because they usually have instore rebates that help you save more money than if bought straight from Palm.
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    Paramedic14, are you really a medic as your handle suggests? If so, you may also want to consider a metal case. All the medics in my ED have hard cases for their PDAs. One told me he wouldn't dream of not having a tough case as his is exposed to more junk (being dropped, weather, etc.). Just a thought.
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    got a lifedrive, works great, use it for a hard drive, music, movies, internet, email, etc. look into it, but its a bit pricey.
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    Hi there. Here is a link for in depth reviews, videos showing different PDAs, and info and prices about any PDA on the market, plus a buying guide and much more :

    After doing all the research, I ended up buying a Palm TX. A bit pricey, but I love it!
    Most medical software I've seen can be bought for the Palm platform OR the Pocket PC, although there is more free stuff written for Palm.
    Hope this helps and happy shopping!

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