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I'm looking to buy a PDA for NA school this fall, and I have it narrowed down between two. I am having a problem deciding between them - the main fundamental difference is that one runs on the Palm... Read More

  1. by   nightingale
    Free Programs?

    I would love the list, thank you.

  2. by   Maggie Mae
    I have a Tungsten T2, I love it. I find Skyscape programs very useful, easy to navigate and they are linked, so I can move from one program to another with a touch of the stylus. Worth the investment.
  3. by   puppylove
    Hi I am considering buying a medical surgical nursing program for a Palm one Zire 72. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    thank you,

  4. by   AlexCCRN
    T3 + Lexicomp Suite + Freeware for critical care/anesthesia - rock on.

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