PDA or Cell phone with Sprint provider?

  1. I'm starting my BSN program this fall and just found out that students are required to buy PDAs or a cell phone with the same function. I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way to go about this without sacrificing too much on quality as I don't want to regret the purchase later on. I am due for a phone upgrade in a couple of months and my provider is Sprint. Does anyone have any experience with them and do they have a phone that might be a good substitue for a PDA? I am so clueless to this kind of thing, I tend to go for the phones that come free with a plan and normally don't really care about all the extra bells and whistles, lol!

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  3. by   VidaUrbana
    I'm in the same dilemma
    as you!
    I was thinking about a BlackBerry
    or a Palm...
  4. by   TessaMae
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  5. by   sproeber89
    blackberry curve is amazing, its what I have
  6. by   Mommy_of_3_in_AL..RN
    i use my PDA and cell separate
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Be aware of what the school requires, they may have restrictions on phones with camera etc

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  8. by   KellRrn2b
    I have the blackberry curve and i LOVE it!!!! Absolutely essential to my life. Since soooo many people have bb almost every single major site offers free applications for it (youtube, google, epocrates, etc.) Sprint has an online sale RIGHT NOW...me and my husband got our bb curves on sale...only paid 69.99 total. my phone would have been free if we had not of been getting two. Also, we have the unlimited data plan which is a MUST because u will want to downlaod large files for school (such as drug guides, etc.). Hopefully this sale is still going on when u are ready to purcahse your phone. I hope this helps...
  9. by   traumaRUs
    Yep - I love my BB Curve (Verizon) also. I have Skyscape and multiple dosing/calc apps on my BB.
  10. by   keithjones
    the palm pre is the best sprint has to offer
  11. by   hypocaffeinemia
    Quote from keithjones
    the palm pre is the best sprint has to offer

    The Palm Pre is the best any company has to offer.

    As an owner of one I wholeheartedly endorse it, over and above even the sacred iphone.