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  1. Hi!!
    I just got a new PDA and I was wondering if you guys can recommend on PDA files you found useful to have while on the floor. I already have the drug guide and ABG calculator. Thank you for your help and have a great day
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  3. by   wilsonmd71
    I also have Taber's Medical Dictionary and I downloaded Epocrates trial for free.
  4. by   alsolwish
    Hey I was also wondering what brand/type of PDA do you recommend? I have been shopping around and its tough to figure out what I will need because I know NOTHING about the inner workings of computers!
  5. by   Indy
    Epocrates is really nice because of all the bundled in stuff you get with it, even with the free version. I wound up buying a subscription so I can get IV drug compatibility from it.