PDA Cases -- Any Suggestions? - page 3

I recently bought a Palm TX and want to get a case for it soon. Do most of you have cases for yours? If you do, what type/brand do you prefer?... Read More

  1. by   Indy
    I bought my case online (I didn't bookmark it) and it's an aluminum case made by PDair. Okay, on the back of the thing it says www.pdair.com.

    Its latch has not come undone, I've had it several months, dropped it a couple of times. It has a neoprene lining. Oh, I have the cheap palm, the z22, and this was the only aluminum case I could find online for that model. I didn't like the palm's hard plastic case as it didn't look like it had enough protection. Mine's safe from knocks and scratches and drops in its case so far. It was nearly $30 by the time I paid shipping.
  2. by   RNinAZ1
    Stop searching.


    I ordered the leather belt clip case for my Palm T/X. One of my best buys of the year.