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I recently bought a Palm TX and want to get a case for it soon. Do most of you have cases for yours? If you do, what type/brand do you prefer?... Read More

  1. by   tofutti
    palm tx case-made for t5 but fits tx-i haven't received this yet...

    saunders/rhinoskin site, shows details, sells for $35, model #00497

    and here's the same model #00497:
    amazon site, with reviews,that links to target.com, where i bought it for $20-yay!

    hope that helps--:d

    one of the reviewers said there's a plastic strip inside the case that gets in your way but you can cut it off with scissors- everyone else said don't do this, it's meant to slide into the side of your pda and hold it in place.
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  2. by   West_Coast_Ken
    Quote from cinqly
    ...I have ready a LOT of pretty bad reviews on the Palm brand aluminum case. They consistantly say that the latch breaks, sometimes in 2 days, sometimes a month, sometimes 3 months. Oh, and a lot of people seem to complain about the TX rattling aroung in the case. I'm sure some people have good experiences with this case, but I've read more complaints than accolades.
    Sadly, I bought one, too, and it's a piece of garbage for exactly the reasons you state (both of them). So, here's another unhappy person with a case that now flops all over the place. A very bad design and WAY overpriced.

    I gave the case to my SO who just plops it into her purse so it can't possibly open with all the things she has in there and it gets the job done for her.:chuckle Then I got myself a nice Palm leather case off eBay for cheap and I love it!
  3. by   xptp29a
    I decided to go with a leather case. I read some raving reviews for Sena Cases and figured I would give them a try. Just got the case today and, boy, am I impressed. It fits the Palm TX like a glove. No bulging or sagging areas. Looks, feels and smells classy. The case wasn't the cheapest at $52, but it was well worth it.
  4. by   Cinqly
    I decided to go with a Rhinoskin aluminum case. It looks slick, fits the TX great fine, and hasn't broken yet (finger's crossed!). Plus, it was only 20 bucks from Dell.com. Nice....!
  5. by   Salesman217
    Quote from cinqly
    I tried a search on this case, and came up with nothing. Is it spelled right? I found cases by Belkin, but none by Bellekin. Also, do you know what model case it is and where you got it? Thanks!
    Not to answer for someone else (but I am :shrug), but Belkin is a company that pretty much only makes accessories for electronics. The make pretty good stuff as far as computer, TV, and stereo accessories are concerned and I wouldn't hesitate to buy pretty much anything the put out.

  6. by   tofutti
    Hi Cingly,

    I also bought the tx with the rhinoskin case. LOVE the TX!

    My question is, were you able to make that long plastic tab inside the case, fit into your tx? I couldn't. I thought maybe it was because the case was made for the E2.

    this shouldn't be a sad face...just confused~
  7. by   midcom
    Ok, call me cheap but I wasn't going to shell out that kind of money for a case. I had bought a case at Staples that was supposed to fit several different PDAs but took it back because it didn't fit mine. The only one they had specifically for my Life Drive cost $50! I keep mine in my purse so I decided to just buy a nice padded zippered makeup case. It works good for me & it's cute. Cost me $1.99 at Walmart.
    I'm taking it to clinicals tomorrow for the first time & will probably just remove it from the case & put it in one of my deep pockets. Hopefully it will be safe.
  8. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from xptp29a
    i recently bought a palm tx and want to get a case for it soon. do most of you have cases for yours? if you do, what type/brand do you prefer?
    [font="comic sans ms"]i have a sena case for my tx. i love it! also had sena cases for my zire 71 and my t3!
  9. by   elisabeth
    I'm looking into buying one of the silicone FlexiSkin cases for my TX. I'd really prefer leather, but that won't be so easy to clean. The hard cases look a big bulky and I think the silicone case would be less slippery and easy to clean.

    I've read reviews on amazon where people say their SD card has been ejected or that the PDA has come out.

    Does anyone have experience with one of these? Any problems? Do you like it?
  10. by   tofutti
    hi elisabeth,

    i bought one of those $9 silicone skins on ebay and i love it.

    my metal rhinoskin case was bulky and awkward to use, and the latch broke almost immediately.

  11. by   elisabeth
    Where in the world did you find it for $9? I found it for $6 with shipping from Hong Kong, but I'm wary of ordering overseas.

    Does it protect your PDA at all from falls?
  12. by   tofutti
    Hi Elisabeth,

    Guess we're both online right now.

    I did order it from that Hong Kong seller who sells bazillions of them, and to my surprise it actually arrived. I did it based on someone here mentioning it.

    I forget if it was $6 or $9, plus shipping...but it was cheap and it works great. It's very thick and rubbery so I think it would protect it "okay" if it fell. Neither the metal nor silicone one seemed like perfect protection from falls.

    My metal one sprung wide open when I tried dropping it empty.

    Hope that helps!

  13. by   CrufflerJJ
    The Palm hard case has a pretty horrible reputation for having a plastic latch that breaks very quickly.

    Proporta & Innopocket have MUCH better reputations for making a durable product. Look on Fleabay for Innopocket cases, and you'll find them pretty cheap (from Hong Kong).

    I think the total, including shipping, was about $20.

    I received it a couple days ago, and it works great. Very sturdy latch, slots for 2 SD cards, neoprene padding inside.
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