Palm Tungsten E2 vs TX?

  1. I am new to this whole idea of using a PDA in the healthcare facility. I am a first year RN student and have a few friends who are using the Palms for clinicals. They are saying that the Palms (Tungstens-not sure of models) are really making clinicals easier for them. It is because of those comments that I am now looking into the purchase of a Palm for myself. To those out there with experience, which is actually better, the Palm E2 or TX? I am seeing that both are great, but I am concerned about space, functionality, and price.

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  3. by   healthexec
    I just bought the Palm TX from Best Buy last week for the same reasons you mentioned. My friend who just graduated and passed his Boards said that it was essential to have the PDA in nursing school and he still uses his now that he is a fulltime nurse in the ER. What is great is that you can download the Tabers Dictionary, Davis Drug Guide, Lab and Diagnostic Value software etc. Palm Pilot has a nursing software package that you can download for $149. All of the reference sources you need are all at your fingertips as opposed to carrying around a ton of books. With respect to the TX, the salesperson at Best Buy told me that the benefit of the TX is that you can go on the Web with it. It can function as a wireless so that if you are somewhere like a Starbucks where they have free wireless you can access the Net. I had an opportunity to see that feature in action tonight. It was really cool. You can also transfer files via the blue tooth wireless. Today one of my classmates transfered a Powerpoint presentation from his Palm to my Palm via this method. The technology just amazes me. He logged on, pick up the signal from my Palm, selected it and then hit the send button and volia, his message was recieved by my Palm and then I had the option to accept it. Now I am still learning how to use my Palm , but I can definitely see the benefit of having it. Hope that helps.
  4. by   mattwilson
    My nursing program (BSN) required us to buy PDA's. we got Palm TX. i really like it and its great to have as a student. we were required to get epocrates, tabers medical encyclopedia, and a nursing diagnosis text (Ackley & Ladwig) palm version. we use it a lot in classes and clinicals. i havent had any expierence with the E2 but i recommend the TX. i havent had any problems with it.
  5. by   marilynmom
    I have the TX and can't live without it. It is invaluale in clinicals and classes...I use it constantly.

    I haven't had any problems with my TX. I have no experience with the Tungsten at all though so I am no help there. I would just get the best one you can afford, you wont regret it, I wish I had bought mine earlier.
  6. by   tofutti
    I just bought the tx and although it's been a steep learning curve for me to set it up and download software, mission is now accomplished! It is totally awesome.

    I've been scouring the internet til my eyeballs fell out, about people's opinions on tx and e2 and ipaq and dell...circuit city has a ton of reviews. Also

    I've read a lot of posts from nurses who are happy with the E2. It's a little smaller and cuter than the tx in my opinion. I think I would have been fine with that one as well, it has a little less memory but so what, I put all my programs on an sd card, not the device itself. People say any speed difference is not noticeable among the two even though the tx has a faster processer.

    But there is a lot of discussion about the E2 making a high pitched buzz. I put my ear up to the E2 in the store and sure enough, it was there. I doubt you'd notice it in most settings but people did say it bothered them.
    The tx was silent.

    Overall I think either one would be fine. I was actually leaning toward the E2 as I'm pessimistically seeing this as a disposable gizmo that will go haywire and have to be replaced in a year or two. But I got the tx in hopes we could have wireless access on vacations, to look up activities and check email.

    By the way, the first tx I bought was wonky. The screen would go dim and flicker. I exchanged it, and no problems with this one.

    I didn't even look at the Ipaq's because of the price but everyone seems happy with them too. I was afraid I would love it and end up spending more money.
  7. by   mcknis
    Thanks again for the replies to all of you. I really do appreciate the insight. I ended up purchasing the E2 mainly for the price difference $159 NIB. I haven't recieved it yet, but hope I will get good use out of it. If it doesn't end up working out, I might go ahead and get the TX.

    Gotta go do some medication homework.


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