Palm Trio 650

  1. Hello everyone. I was just wondering have any of you purchased the Palm Trio 650? How do you like it? I just bought it a few days ago and I really think I will get some use out of it. As far as Word documents how many of you use it on your palm. I think it is really nice how you can transfer over documents onto the palm. Has anyone purchased the keyboard for the palm and actually used it. I am just confused although I know a laptop is much better in alot of ways but I feel now I really do not need one if I have a desktop and now this. Please let me know how the Palm Trio has worked for you or any of the palms.
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  3. by   kcheng
    I have a palm treo 650. I have my drug program in there. It comes in handy because it slips right into your scrub pocket ...

    I am about to get the Treo 700w with the windows OS ..

    I dont transfer word documents into my palm pilot. You also have to factor in the battery life when using the 650 as a phone and PDA.

    hope this helps.