Palm T/X download question

  1. Hi everybody! I have a question that most of you will slap yourself in the head and go "duh, moron" so hang w/ me.. I have a Palm T/X just got, love the thing.. problem.. alot of the free programs ask me if I have a "pocket PC" or a "Palm OS" which do I have? I tried as a Palm OS.. and it went to the TO GO file like it should, and it Hot sync but then I can't find it on my palm. Help? Please!!
    Where did they go? what am I doing wrong? Please help my little light bulb brain go..
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  3. by   Spatialized
    No biggie..
    all the programs you should be getting are palm OS as the pocket PC version will not run on a palm T/X.
    First look under the "unfiled" category from the main menu, the program icon may be in there. Second, look for any new categories that you don't recognize, again, it may be there. If it isn't there, make sure that it actually up the application installer from either the palm desktop or the quick install icon, drag the files there and re-sync. Hopefully one of these should solve the issue.
    If you're still having issues, PM me, I should be able to help figure it out.