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  1. Good morning.
    I was accepted into the ADN program in east Tx. woo hoo!! But I have some questions for my 1st semester re: equipment.

    SHould I order scrubs and stuff from ALL or go to a medical supply co.?

    ALso, when would it be appropriate to purchase a palm pilot for school. ( maybe late in the first year?) what's the avg. price? 200.00?

    are Birkenstocks the best shoes to wear? I think but they're so much pricier.

    Thx guys.

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  3. by   BarbPick
    I am glad you are happy, you might also be jumping the gun!!!!!

    Wait till you get the list from your school of what exactly to buy!!!!
    I am an Old Nursing Instructor and I don't have a palm pilot yet!!!
    These things cost money. You will be spend more than you ever imagined very soon.
    If it will get you by, buy a pair of scrubs at walmart, YES WALMART!!! And use them as PJ's!!!!!
    I am serious about scrubs at walmart. They have a new line and the solid colors are pretty, launder well, are the right price, (and they carry petite length. I have spent half a lifetime hemming scrubs.
    The best investment I can offer you is to buy an Nursing Board Review book prior starting your first class. If you use that as a guide as to what and how to study from day one, Your school exams and then the boards after should not be a problem after you graduate.
    Good Luck
  4. by   bedpan
    Congrats! I know exactly the excitement you are feeling!

    Can't help with the palm as I do not have one either

    And I agree with BarbPick on waiting until you find out exactly what you will need on scrubs - Our Program required us to purchase our scrubs for clinicals through them so that all the students would all be exactly the same color, style etc.

    In addition the "Nursing Packet" that we were "given" (the cost had already been included in our fees) at the start of classes had the basic items we needed to start out with for lab and clinicals (steth, BP cuff, bandage scissors, etc.) so without knowing just what you need and don't need you could be wasting some money!

    Best of luck!!!
  5. by   LilRedRN1973
    I love my Palm....I purchased an m130 off Ebay for $130 and it came with a lot of extras. I love it and it has helped in more than just my classes. I have downloaded several free programs to help in school and other programs that help with organizing my crazy life.

    I bought my scrubs from and love them. I am VERY short and purchased the Dickies brand flare pants in petite length. They fit perfect and don't come up to my armpits! LOL I haven't bought shoes yet, but have taken a poll from classmates. Rockers and Danskos seem to be the preferred brand in comfort. We wear all white scrubs with our school patch sewn on the arm.
  6. by   a_crftyldy
    I also have a palm pilot and love it. It comes in real handy during clinicals when I need to quickly look up medication info. Most of my fellow students own one as well. Now both PT and RT at our local hospital are looking into getting palm pilots. Guess we started a trend.

    There are all kinds of programs you can get for a palm, but I would hold off on getting one untill you start giving meds. They may seem pricy but are well worth it.

    I agree with buying scrubs at Wal-Mart. Bought all of mine there and love them. Don't know about any other Wal-Mart, but the one in my town carries really nice nursing shoes at a great price.

    As for stethescopes, the Litmann classic II SE is the best bang for your buck.

    Hope this helps you out.
  7. by   inodou
    ITA with everyone else on waiting until they tell you what you need before buying uniform and stuff.

    I have a PalmM515, I bought it on for $200. it has a color screen, which I really like. I got my drug book, Lab book, and nursing diagnosis book all on it, and I am planning on getting more when I start clinicals and see exactly what I need.

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