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Hello! I'm a second year BScN student at McMaster University in Ontario Canada. I'm looking to purchase a palm pilot and a program that can provide me with a quick reference guide for meds and lab... Read More

  1. by   Dublin37 conclusion which color ones do you personally love? Heather
    Originally posted by Dublin37 conclusion which color ones do you personally love? Heather
    I love my Palm m515 but I just got a look at the new Palm Tungsten C! Wow, may need to upgrade, 64mb of onboard RAM!!!!!! 4 times more than any other palm OS brand! Plus expansion card capable and color and WiFi.
  3. by   1savvydiva
    hey, another pda question here!

    i have been looking over the pda threads here on this site, and polling some of the nurses and docs in the er where i work, and i think that i have made a decision. i am leaning toward the toshiba pocket pc e330, i've seen prices from $189-299. there are several ebay auctions going on, and i just wanted to know if any of you had gone that route to purchase one. i am sure that i could get a lower price, but i don't want to get 'duped'. any experiences you would like to share? thanks!
  4. by   lizmatt
    I think ebay would be a great place to get a good deal - just be careful. Prior to bidding check out all of the buyers policies and feedback. I have not bought a PDA on ebay, but I have purchased a lot of electronics. I have been burned a couple of times - but once I learned to be careful and do all the research - i have found a lot of good deals. good luck.
  5. by   Agnus
    OK I'm an idiot. I noticed in a cataloge there are some with 32 and 64 MB. I see you talking about 16 MB.

    Here is what I am looking for. I want some thing that will carry books, drug book (my favorite print reference is Nursing 2004), lab and diagnostic test book, herbal reference, as a minimum. There are more books than this of course that I want but can't think just now.
    Then I want a personal organizer.

    I am working toward my own mobile nursing practice.
    Need to be able to do charting and hold my patient records.
    I will be doing seminars too, I have a family business (car sales) So I will need lost of space for every thing.

    I have to writh every thing down these days and I forget where I wrote it and oh my life is just a mess.

    Do I need the 32 or 64 MB size?
    Also if I get something smaller and have to carry memory cards doesn't inserting and removing cards slow down your acess?

    I know this sounds really dumb. But I am.

    I am cheap. I don't want to spend the 4-5 hundred for the 32 or 64mb but I wonder if somthing less expensive will be adequate.
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  6. by   rachel h
    You can purchase a palm for around $200 that only has 8mb of memory and then just by a memory card with more memory. I bought a 128mb card for $65 and also got $25 back with a mail in rebate, so it didn't cost me too much extra at all. Once you have a memory card in you just leave it in- no need to switch them out at all. Works fine for me.
  7. by   cheripa
    I'm starting the nursing progam this Fall and I talked with the department about using a palm pilot. She wants to see how detailed some of the programs are... I was wondering if someone could print off a few drug's from a program so that I can show her????? I'm hoping that it's detailed enough !
    She says that they might be too abbreveated and when I do my drug cards, that I might not have enough info....

    Please let me know
  8. by   cheripa
    oops! I can't spell today...
  9. by   RN auditor
    Dell has a wonderful PDA that uses a windows based program. It is incredibly easy to use, has a color screen and can get 64 of memory for around $300.00. I am very satisfied with the PDA. I had a difficult time using a palm based program. The Dell has a transcription program that recognizes regular script, no special characters needed.
  10. by   cab631
    I've had my Palm m130 for a year now. I love it. I have medical programs in it, Exel and Word. It has an alarm clock. I've downloaded a book (murder mystery) on it for when I'm waiting in line. Added the Veo camera which I carry on my keychain, charge it every couple of nights in the cradle. Have all my addresses and phone # on it, have games too. When I have time to kill I can work on a Word document, download it at home, and mail it to myself at work. I can beam stuff to/from friends. Word of advice--carry it in a protective case. I keep mine in my pocket--use it frequently thru the day, and it gets banged around a lot. Good luck. Oh yea--to be successful, you really have to practice a lot with the way you write on it.
  11. by   neelyt
    As someone about to apply and hopefully get accepted to the University of Texas for nursing. What programs would you suggest for the Palm. I don't know alot about what I will need for nursing as of yet as I have only been working on my core subjects due to being deployed overseas for most of the time. Help me if you can. Tom
  12. by   rachel h
    Go to This is a free drug guide that is great! The only downside is that is doesn't give IV compatibilities or administration info (usually) such as infusion rates, give with food or on empty stomach, etc, which is very useful for nurses. However, you can add your own notes to the program- I have programmed in several infusion rates, for example. Other than that it is very detailed with dosages, indications, side effects, etc.
  13. by   RoaminHankRN
    Couple points I did not see mentioned that one should consider.

    Get the warranty when you buy your PDA. Make sure the warranty will replace your PDA should anything go wrong. I bought my PDA at Sears and they will replace it even if I drop it.

    Get a case. You'd be suprised that it will save it in a fall (of short distances) If you can, get one that has a belt clip. PDA's are hot items and we've had several "lose" theirs to greedy fingers. Keeping it on your hip, your less likely to lose it or fall out of your pocket.

    For those that have a Mac, Sony Clie are not compatible for syncing. You have to purchase third party software that will cost another $30.

    Do research online for best prices on PDA's.
    But in the end sometimes going to your local store will do too. I bought my Palm m500 for $99 at Sears as they had it on the wrong display case!

    Many have given great advice and links. PDA's should be used by anyone. They keep your life organized and great to use to kill time in the bathroom!

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