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Hello! I'm a second year BScN student at McMaster University in Ontario Canada. I'm looking to purchase a palm pilot and a program that can provide me with a quick reference guide for meds and lab... Read More

  1. by   RN auditor
    I just bought a PDA in January and I absolutely love it! I got a Dell Axim. It is a windows based product so it is alot like my computer. It even has a word and excel program. The other neat thing is that you can use the transcription feature and write things with normal letters and it transcribes it to the PDA. You don't need to know any special signs for each letter. I would highly recommend it. They are reasonably priced as well for the color screen and the amount of memory you get.
  2. by   MelRN13
    I just bought a Palm m130 last week and had found many of ths sites listed. Another good site is MemoWare, they have books and reference material (free downloads) and specific search criteria as it applies to your specific pda.
  3. by   nightingale

    How do you feel you are doing on the battery life with the color model?
    Originally posted by nightngale1998

    How do you feel you are doing on the battery life with the color model?

    Not too bad really. I consider myself a "power" user. From the time I get to work until the time I go home I must get my Palm out 50+ times (if not even more) and I use it at home as well. I am split between having the 515 light on at its highest setting and its lowest (but still on) setting. I find that when I get home my battery meter is down about 1/2. But I put it in the sync/charger....go to bed....get up and do it all over again.
  5. by   nightingale
    Thanks for the speedy response. I have the Handera 330. I can send it back as I just got it (30 day trial). I am having a hard time seeing the panal etc. The color model looks easier to read and view. I had heard the color model eats battery use and you can not "really" get through the day. It is good to hear you are successful with it.
  6. by   MrsK1223
    Hi Guys, I just received my Sony Clie' today. I'm letting it charge now but am a little overwhelmed with the instruction manuals. There's so much to it...I just want to get my different medical/nursing programs on it so I can use it at work. Anyway...So excited I got it finally!!!!
  7. by   Peatness
    Does anyone out there have a palm pc? I'm looking at the Toshiba e330 and though I might get more use out of a palm pc. Any advice in this regard? I still want to be able to download med software and I found some that is compatible. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

  8. by   SnowymtnRN
    So for these things, how much is a good price to spend? Around $200? Cuz i'd love to get one for my DH, his birthday is coming up!
  9. by   nightingale
    My backround is that I have tried out three Pda's. My first was a Palm 4MB; I immediately ran out of memory, got frustrated, and gave it away.

    I have recently purchased, and returned, a HandSpring model that was not color. The return was for poor visibilty. I also just returned a Handera 330 that is not color either. Again for poor visibility etc.

    The above models were $ 200 and $300 respectively. Both models were (as all PDA's are) Palm combatible; these were useful up to (I think I remember this right) 3.5 OS.

    FRom that knowledge base of trial and error I continue to persevere (sp?). I am convinced I will gain so much in having a PDA for my varied nursing of Agency Nursing and Entrepreneurship (come visit us over at the Nurse Entrepreneur Forum here @ AllNurses).

    It is my understanding, that the PDA arena is what should be considered currently for the Health Care Professional. This is due to the many software programs that are available that are free, for fee, and with many variations of compatible Medical programs.

    It is also my understanding, and heh... jump in here.. you HandHeld Computer Knowledge savvy folks... that this software is just beggining to be developed and becoming accessible.

    I think, the two models of PDA and Handheld Computers sometimes are used interchangeably by some and this needs to stay separated as the software availablity is VERY different.

    When you speak of Palm OS compatible, you need to be cautious also about #'s. As I am currently researching the Palm Tungsten T with a Palm OS software compatibility of 5.5 (I hope I remembered that correctly). The hardware has the most current color screen visibility but may not be compatible, in software, with 3.0 unless the software has been enhanced.

    My concerns with the Tungsten also are that the battery life will be enough to get me through my day.

    Please, add to this conversation any corrections or misunderstandings I may need to be aware of.

    To check out software, discussions about Pda's and Handhelds, some of hte escellent sites I have read were probably already mentioned on thie posted discussions. For reasons simplicity, I will post some here that may have already been included. YOu can also do a Google Search under "freeware palm" "PDA" or "Handheld Computers" and find tons of info; has multiple dialogues talking about the various hardware that are available. The wesite is in a review format. is a web address of RN and other Healthcare professionals who use it for resource, purchasing, and other information about hardware and software data for the PDA and HH PC.

    I have other websites on my laptop that I will be happy to bring to this discssion if anyone wants it. The above posters have brought a wealth of information to this discussion.

    Thank you to all the posters. I have not made up my mind on my next purchase. I like the Tungsten and the Palm 515 so far for now.
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  10. by   nightingale
    I just drooled today while I played with a Tungsten T in the store. They are so cool.
  11. by   mert
    I used to have a Palm (100?) It died. Missed it, so I bought a Sony Clie SJ20. I would like to download a drug book or other nursing stuff, but can't figure out how. Do I need to buy an actual book, with a cd, is there free stuff? Can anyone enlighten me? (Not too swift when it comes to computers!):imbar
  12. by   cindyln
    I loaded epocrates on mine. It is a pretty good drug book. You can get it at
  13. by   nightingale

    Read through the pages on this link for suggestions. I had epocrates on the one I just returned. It was pretty good for the free version. There is another prescriptive one for like $ 50 that is lots better. I think when I get my Palm I will try a Nurse Drug book for Nursing Plan info.

    The RNPalm site I talked about has a lot of valuable info within the website. Many of the downloads are at a fee on this website.

    Try doing a search of "freeware palm" on google and you will see tons of links for free medical downloads. When I get my laptop set up I will get the other links on that system that may help.

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