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Hello! I'm a second year BScN student at McMaster University in Ontario Canada. I'm looking to purchase a palm pilot and a program that can provide me with a quick reference guide for meds and lab... Read More

  1. by   the taoist
    Here ya go, Cindy,

    That should be what you need.
    Let me know what happens.

  2. by   RNforLongTime
    Some freeware programs will only run if you have a "reader" program such as iSilo. You can purchase this for 17.50. They are fun little tools to have aren't they!
  3. by   Fox
    Thanks guys for your replies.
  4. by   SingingNurse2
    I love my PDA! I have a PALM130 and would not trade anything for my color screen. It charges in the cradle and you can also buy a car charger for it for about $20. Does anyone have some suggestions of programs that would help nursing students?
  5. by   MrsK1223
    So are all PDA's rechargable? My husband is wanting to get me one for my birthday cause I've really really talked him to death about how I've read on here about the nurses using them. He found one on a shopping channel that's on a payment plan so we don't have to fork out a chunk of $ at once for one. Its a Sony Clie....heres the info on it....let me know what you think

    Clie Personal Entertainment Organizer
    Item Number: 328-374

    Sony has the personal organization solutions you need to keep in step with the speed-of-thought pace of the Information Age. With this Clie Personal Entertainment Organizer, you'll be well on your way to keeping track of important dates, organizing information and storing phone numbers of your friends and family. This PDA features:
    Palm OS Software c.4.1 - the operating system used on Palm handheld with enhanced security and improved Internet access
    High Resolution TFT - color display (320 x 320 pixels) displays over 65,000 colors
    16MB Internal Memory - stores thousands of addresses, years of appointments, hundreds of to-do items, notes, memos, e-mail and more than 50 applications
    Memory Stick media expansion slot
    Super-slim aluminum body - measures approx. 4.65" x 2.83" x 0.5"
    View and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files
    Jog Dial navigator - by turning the dial and pushing in on it, the user can navigate through many applications on the Clie with only one hand
    Date book, to-do list, memo pad, mail and calculator
    Graffiti Writing - write directly on the Palm or use the on-screen keyboard with the stylus
    World Alarm Clock
    Audio alert feature
    Infrared port - beaming of applications and data from one device to the other
    AC power adapter
    Lithium-ion battery
    System requirements for computer connection - Windows 98, ME, 2000 Pro, XP with 133MHz or faster, 32MB RAM, 128 MB hard disk space
    HotSync Cradle - allows your PC and Clie to share data from one unit to the other
    Protective cover - to protect your investment
    Comes with a 90-day manufacturer's warranty (one-year warranty with registration from Sony)
    For warranty information, call 800-933-2887.

    It has the lithium battery but doesnt have a charger but an AC adaptor. Can you get chargers for these or can you replace the battery? I just want the most out of it without having to spend money on batteries all the time. Any info appreciated.

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  6. by   cindyln
    I don't know about the sony but I have a Handspring and it is rechargeable.
  7. by   Fox
    I have a Dell PDA. Check-out there website, they are also offering a rebates. I have the 400.
  8. by   MrsK1223
    My husband ordered me the Sony Clie for my birthday...hope its all i need it to be.
  9. by   MrsK1223
    My husband ordered me the Sony Clie for my birthday...hope its all i need it to be.
    Sorry I got in on this late, I am a new member.I am RN/Paramedic in a busy ED.

    Here is what I carry on my Palm 515 with a 128mb Lexar brand SD card (do not use Sandisk brand, they fail)

    5 Minute Consults (These are great Palm reference texts that give you the high points of almost any medical condition, invaluable, kind of expensive though usually $50 or more, no deals for RN's)

    Also from Skyscape:
    Handbook of Fractures
    Ifacts (Drug Facts and Comparisons)
    Harriett Lane

    Big Clock FREE (Allows me to set alarms to remind me to do things in the ED) (

    Pocket Radiologist (Has XRay, CT, MRI images of 100 common disease/trauma processes grouped by body area or age group{head, spine, chest, abdomen, pediatrics, and more} I have head and pediatrics on my system. Kind of expensive but a great reference and teaching tool)

    Eponyms (Overhear a Doctor say "Bezold-Jarisch reflex" and don't know what it means, look it up here )

    Code Blue (A medical calculator, input the patients age or weight and you can calculate for RSI, ACLS, Tube sizes, Neuro drugs, and burn area calculation)

    Epocrates RxPro ( drug guide, allows for own notes)
    Epocrates ID ( infectious disease guide, included with the paid version of 6.0 Pro)

    Tarascon Pharmacopeia (currently in Beta test stage but I have found to be very stable. Expansion card capable which is good as it is about 2.5MB in size (same as epocrates which does not go easily if at all to expansion card. FREE for now at least, you must register with the web site.

    Datebook 5.0 (Best datebook upgrade, color support, icons, tie-ins with your other original apps (to, memo, address)

    Handbase (lets you make your own databases, I track our Level 1 trauma patients and my procedures (central lines, intubations, etc), upload to my PC, print out if needed for distribution or filing)

    Infusicalc (Great tool for calculating drip rates for medication infusions, you can program for your hospital standards and then just plug in weight/dose and boom you have infusion rate!!! This is SO SWEET!!!!!!!)(Currently testing a beta version that allows for calculating a bolus and infusion on same page, saves time going back and forth from a bolus page to an infusion page, will be in general release by March 2003 or earlier according to the developer )

    iSilo (Document reader, all titles below are from Yahoo medical ware groups or Palmgear or Meistermed iSilo)
    ACLS 2000
    Acid Base Disorders
    Acute Renal Failure
    Algorithm for Rash Diagnosis
    Chest X-Ray Guide
    Clinical Medicine Consult 2.9
    Congenital Heart defects and repair (nice diagrams discussing defect and repairs)
    Craniofacial Trauma
    Dermatome maps
    Differential Dx
    Handbook of Drug Administration (from Australia, gives good interaction data)
    Harrison's Internal Medicine 15th Edition
    Hematology/Oncology Emergencies
    HyperTox 2002 (a good toxicology reference tool)
    Interpretation of Dx Tests
    Ishihara Color Plates
    Long QT Syndrome
    OB Emergencies
    Physiology review
    Principles of Surgery
    Procedures in Medicine (from the makers of Clinical Medicine Consult)
    Robert's Emergency procedures
    Peds Base
    Washington Manual of Surgery
    Washington Manual
    Will's Eye Manual
    Vanderbilt NICU Manual
    Ventilator Waveforms
    CDC STD 2002 Guidelines (The ED docs love this program, good reference tool)
    USAMRID 2001 (Bio Warfare)
    Metabolic Syndrome
    Nerve Roots and Dermatomes
    LFT's and management
    Hemodynamic waves interp.
    Endocarditis Prophylaxis
    Coronary artery diagram (great for bedside teaching)
    APAP OD Nomogram
    A fib Tx guidelines

    EM Guide Maps (From Jeff Mann's web site converted to iSilo format, need iSilo X converter from to convert web pages to iSilo format)
    Spinal Cord Syndromes
    Blood Transfusion Reactions
    Penetrating Neck Trauma
    Head Injury
    Blood/Fluid Exposure Protocol

    Journal To Go (A FREE journal review. Allows you to pick your subject {emergency, cardiology, peds, etc} and then gets you CURRENT abstracts from major medical journals. Very CURRENT!!!!!!!!!)

    Riley Kidometer (BEST reference tool for bedside and emergency pediatrics)

    Medcalc (FREE)

    Medrules (FREE)

    OB Pregnancy Wheel (FREE)

    Sanford Guide (ID and antimicrobial treatment reference)

    TIMI Risk Calculator and Guidelines (Helps address management of patients with unstable angina, early ST elevation MI and STEMI based on current ACC guidelines)(FREE from

    Apprisor (AHA/ACC Guidelines)

    Wordsmith (Document tool, lets you use Word style formatting on your Palm, very good upgrade,

    Using this I have created about 300 of my own helpful guides for ED care. A lot are based on flow charts from EM practice journal)
  11. by   Liann has oodles of stuff for your PDA
  12. by   nightingale

    Wow! Tons of information thank you. Do you think the SD card is better for downloading than a CF card?

    I wish I lived next to you so I could beam some of those programs to my new Handera 330!
    Originally posted by nightngale1998

    Wow! Tons of information thank you. Do you think the SD card is better for downloading than a CF card?
    I have no experience with a CF card, have always bought Palms which use SD cards (but I do avoid Sandisk brand cards, especially larger than 64mb, fraught with glitches. I use a lexar/panasonic brand.
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