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Hello! I'm a second year BScN student at McMaster University in Ontario Canada. I'm looking to purchase a palm pilot and a program that can provide me with a quick reference guide for meds and lab... Read More

  1. by   RNforLongTime
    Oh, i forgot to mention that mine has an alarm clock on it as well! with several different alarm types. I'm and I got a GREAT deal on mine too,.....on sale at Circuit City for $199!
  2. by   Stargazer
    My Sony Clie came loaded (by someone much more techie than I am) with a ton of references from some great PDA websites I'd never even heard of. If I have time Monday I'll try to find this thread again and list them.
  3. by   RNforLongTime
    Thanks Stargazer, I for one would really appreciate it!
  4. by   CCL"Babe"
    I live by my Sony Clie.
    The programs I use the most at work are Epocrates and ABG Pro. With Avant Go you can have a limited number of journal articles down loaded. When I have down time like waiting in an office I check them out or play games. I know that there are more programs I haven't tapped yet.
  5. by   bwalston
    Originally posted by nurse-lou
    Cindy (chrn),

    A question for you, if you will. I've downloaded some freeware and then attempted to transfer the program onto my Palm. But then when I turn on my Palm the programs aren't there? But they show up in the list of programs when I go to the delete option under the OPTIONS menu? Why is this? Thanks in advance!


    Hi Kelly --

    Hope you don't mind me replying to this question addressed to Cindy

    The problem you are having often happens when a program (or document) you have downloaded needs another program to access it. For example, I have several reference books on my Sony Clie -- Unless I have the proper reader on my pda, I can't access the texts, even though they are on my pda. You might want to check your programs documentation to see if you need another program such as acrobat reader or isilo.

    Hope this helps.

  6. by   chrn
    Bill; Thank you for answering the question from Kelly. I have not had that problem and what you said about needing another program makes a lot of sense. I haven't downloaded many new programs lately, but I know they use to say if they required TealDoc or some other "utilitiy" type program. I have seen isilo mentioned a lot lately.
    Stargazer and Nurse-lou; one site that will load a new PDA to your specifications is
    They are kind of "one stop shopping" for nurses and doctors who need PDA applications.
  7. by   MrsK1223
    Thanks for the info girls....I've always wanted a PDA but had no clue as to which I have some ideas. Thanks. : )
  8. by   rachel h
    Okay, I just went to Best Buy today to look at PDAs, found one I really liked. However, I know nothing about them. The salesman told me that no matter what kind I get, the battery usually dies after about a year and a half and you have to replace your entire PDA because you can't just take the battery out and replace it. Is this true? If so, I can't see myself spending $200-300 dollars every year and a half to replace it.
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  9. by   cindyln
    I am looking at Handspring Visor Pro Silver. It reads like what I am looking for but know nothing about pda's. Does anyone have any experience with it?
  10. by   RNforLongTime
    I did purchase a single user license for iSilo so now I have access to some freeware that I had downloaded.

    rachel...I hope that what the Best Buy salesman told you is not true. I have a Palm m515 and I charge it up on the Hotsync cradle that's connected to my computer, I also have a car charger that I bought. I think that mine has a lithium battery just like a cell phone.
  11. by   career seeker

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of PDA do you use?

  12. by   NurseWeasel
    Salesman lied. I have never known anyone whose PDA battery died! And I know lots of people who use PDAs obsessively (like myself).

    I have a Handspring Treo, it has the cell phone integrated with the PDA and I love it.
  13. by   cindyln
    bumping this because I am really interested

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