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  1. What kind of software have you downloaded into your palm pilot and find the most useful ? Do you think they are worth having?
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  3. by   Dixielee
    There are several good threads about this already, may try a search. I have a Palm Tungsten E. They are about $200 and have 32 meg of memory, but for $25 you can get 128 which should be plenty for any use. I use the free Epocrates, Merck manual and several others that were beamed to me by other nurses.
    I bought Davis Drug guide and plan to buy ER Suite soon. You can download them online immediately after payment.

    I think they are quite handy and I use mine everyday at work. Merck for lab information or a disease I am not familiar with. Epocrated and Davis for meds. There are new meds out all the time, and in the ER we see patients who are on all of them! Drug calculator for calculating drips and dosages quickly. All of this is in addition to the calender for your schedule, phone numbers and addys, etc.

    You can download games if you have free time, pictures of your family so you don't forget what they look like because you are working all the time. There are many reasons to have one. I have had one for 3+ years and would feel lost without it.