Palm drug guides--is Epocrates enough?

  1. I just got a PDA for Christmas & I have the free version of Epocrates on it so far. I have to save up for more software. I am just wondering if Epocrates is enough or do I really need to get another drug guide?

    Also, I see everyone on here mention the Davis drug guide, but has anyone tried the Prentice Hall one? It's the same price & in book format I have always preferred the PH one.
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  3. by   kharing
    Here's a link from my program director. He's crazy about PDA's!!!

    PDA Links
  4. by   EricJRN
    What specialty are you in, fishchick72?
  5. by   fishchick72
    That's hard to answer--I've been an LVN for the past 6 six years, I spent the first 3 in a float pool, working ER, ICU (most of the time), GI lab, Med Surg, Post Partum, Nursery, Out Patient Surgery, Pediatrics, & Diabetic Care Unit. The last 3 years I worked mostly Med Surg, but occasionally DOU as well as ICU. Right now I am not working, but I am starting up my final semester of the RN program in a few weeks. We will be focusing on critical care. After I graduate I'm honestly not sure what I want to do. I may do med surg or a tele unit, or I may not do hospital work anymore at all, I have a job offer open with my plastic surgeon that I am very interested in taking. It's really up in the air...............
  6. by   Murse901
    I used ePocrates constantly while in nursing school. It was great for looking up really quick information.

    Having said that, that's about all it's good for. Glossary drug information. I like the fact that you can look up interactions, but you can do that with Davis I believe.

    Do yourself a favor and drop a little money into a nursing drug book. Use ePocrates until you can spare the cash.

    Sadly, my PDA got busted a while back and I am just now getting my hands on a new one, so I have to get used to it all over again, but I will definitely be picking up a good nursing-specific drug guide.
  7. by   fishchick72
    Ok, thanks, epocrates looks decent to me except that it seems a bit vague in explaining the pathophy behind the actions, which my teachers are really big on.
  8. by   MsBruiser
    I tried epocrates. Frankly, I found that Tabers and Davis' Drug Guide for nurses covers 90% of what i need. Just by Davis' - you will not regret it.
  9. by   fishchick72
    ok, thank you!